how to post here

To post on this blog, you need to be an alumni or current crone of lucc. Ask helen (hh AT cs DOT man DOT ac DOT uk) and she’ll add you.

 Or if you are not up for posting yourself, but want your trip report / photos added on here, then send them to Helen.

Once you have a login, and have logged in, you should see a “new post” tab at the top of the blog.

Any kind of post is great. Especially: trip reports, what you’ve been up to, kit reviews, musings, your thoughts, family announcements, what you’re going to be up to, pics of your holiday.

When you write your post, you can edit and save it as many times as you like. You can leave it half-finished and complete it another day, even. Once you’re fairly happy with it, press “Publish,” and it will appear on the front page of the site. Note: you’ll still be able to edit it after that if you want to change anything.

You can upload your own pictures to your page and “cut and paste” them around to where you’d like them. Or you can display pictures from elsewhere on the web too – the toolbars of the editor should be fairly intuitive for doing those things. If you want me to add your pictures for you once you’ve written the post, let me know.

Happy writing!


3 Responses

  1. cool a lucc old gits blog, im liking a lot

  2. hi helen, got the wordpress account, my email used is mrmrw….om but still cant seem to find a new post tab at the top of the blog.Can you help?

  3. Hi matt, I’ve added you to the list of users, should work now, “new post” tab should now be in a toolbar at the top of the page once you are logged in, h

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