8/9 Nov Tyne Tour

Tyne tour, innit. Helen Jones is organising the student delegation – they have 2 (!) minibuses going and a bsquillion people – so if you want to go with them / have car spaces to offer, then get in touch with Helen J.

Check the Tyne tour website for info / ticket application etc, and hurry up if you want tickets by post.


More Tyne tour Pics

More Tyne tour pics from Alexey:

See also report from Dave.

Tyne Tour, Top Trip

If you want an awesome trip you can write in your diary years in advance you can’t really go past the Tyne Tour. First weekend of November, Guy Fawkes day and all that.

My trip was a little different from the Liverpool trip, in that it started off in High Wycombe… but our destination for the Friday night was still the station pub. The journey had the added bonus of introducing me to some Reading cling’ons, Daffers (of ukrgb fame) & Chrissi, who are generally a good laugh. And I will let them drive me anywhere in future.

A few quick beers later, a few bets on the potential of a C1 swim the next day then back to the tents to sing various songs about pirate ships, department stores and the like before bed.

My perfect Satruday would go something like, fry up, paddle, curry, ceilidh, with maybe some fireworks thrown in for good measure. So after farting at Laura for waking me up it was back to the Station for a cooked breaky and a cup of tea to give me energy for the rest of the day.

The river was run in an excellently organised style, big credits to Dom & Martin, we started by splitting the 25ish people we had into 2 large groups. Before breaking this down further to assign the more experienced paddlers a smaller group of muppets (oops, I mean beginners :). I was officially designated as a muppet in my C1 maiden voyage and decided to live up to it with the first (bottom assisted) roll of the day. Team Loonsey did well (although I can’t remember who exactly was in it). No swims at all!


My tip for anyone who feels the Tyne is a boring river, try it in a C1. Top of Warden’s Gorge I was actually scared. Even the wier was exciting.


In the evening we were joined by Mr Potts, and together with some of the Reading crew we split convieniently along the lines of those who wanted curry and those that didn’t, we ate then met at the pub for some pre Ceilidh beverages.


Ceilidhs rock, every one danced badly, at some point a human pyramid was made, beverages were consumed and I got to hold hands with lots of girls without being called a dirty old man.


Sunday, Liverpool headed home via the Lune, and I hear rumours of a Dom swim. I wish I was there to watch. Reading cling’ons (Me, Sue, Daffers, Chrissie & Higgo) faffed until about midday. Before heading south via the Tees Barrage. Driving with Chrissi is better when you are asleep in the back seat that way you don’t notice the creative lane changes for that impromptue stop at the Angel of the North.


The Tees barrage is a good grade 3ish man made river with a few play spots, we surfed, eddy hopped and generally played the river until well after dark when the long drive was calling us southward.

Top trip, thanks to the many people who made it possible (Kim, Martin, Dom & Laura from the Liverpool side) and Chrissi for driving me & daffers (and all the people who sent an email connecting me and my drivers)

More pics from Daffers on facebook.

Tyne Tour and other upcoming events

Come on. Its the Tyne tour this weekend. Cmon. Other events are in the google calendar (links from sidebar), are summarized here. Hooray, the rain is here, feels like beginning of the paddling season.

Wed afternoon 31 Oct: Dee session: Lloyd
This weekend:  3 / 4 Nov: Tyne Tour  
Weekend 10 / 11 Nov: BUSA WWR Washburn
Sat 24th Nov: Day Trip, organised by Cath, wales or lake district
Weekend 1/2 Dec LUCC trip (TBC) organiser: Nev C
Friday 7th Dec Xmas Dinner: organiser Lloyd
Friday 14th Dec Xmas panto: organiser Laura G=Medic Dave
Sometime (TBA) trip to Brecons.