ToughGuy 2008

Sunday was Tough Guy again….

I am still tough, Ade is still tough and Arlette is a new tough girl. It was a slightly different course to last year, and far more knackering.

Last year it was a longish flatish run to the Slalom (which was fairly tame).

This year was a short run to the Slalom (which was not tame), so they made up for it by forcing you up and down this hill about 10 times (I am not exaggerating). And that hill is steeper than it looks, proper use your hands type thing on the way up. And the flat bits of the run had hay bales to jump over and nets to crawl under, and it wouldn’t be tough guy without mud. Meaning that you never really got to just run (which was 90% of my training.) And I don’t remember so many muddy trenches, prior to the obstacle course… still it was definitely shorter.

All this before you get to the obstacles. Which were much the same as usual, some faves are the fiery holes

Which Ade probably reached while they were still burning, by the time I got there, they were the smouldering holes. The Tiger… with its electric ribbons that would temp Jamie to get out his arse (can’t find any pics). They definitely sting a little… and a (now) familiar blend of mud, ropes, mud, water, mud, mind numbing cold and mud

As I was closer to the front I had less recovery time between the obstacles, making that a bit harder, but my time a lot better. (1hr 36min (ish) vs 2hr30ish). Ade was ahead of me somewhere being quick off the mark and already tough, Arlette being one of the wet necks, had a lot of ground to catch up and finished somewhere behind.

I started the race, saying this will be my last Tough Guy, finished saying I have to come back, drag my brother and beat him. Currently undecided, loved the event would like to be able to walk down stairs today. (f&8k it, I’ll be there next year… who’s up for it)

Also browsing for pics I found this site, with a video for last year. Might be a familiar face about 2seconds in.

Generally great article, with some class piccies

Tough Guy Porn

Some great quotes

We’re cold, and we’re miserable. I pass dozens of toned, fit, attractive women who are wearing wet, clinging T-shirts and coated with a layer of mud that accentuates their every curve and muscle.

And some explanations for doing it…


“It seemed like a good idea when I was drunk.”


“There’s not enough challenges in life anymore, are there?” Skone says. “And it reassures your faith in humanity. You see it on the course. You’ll see strangers helping each other.

And Finally my reason

I think there is another, simpler reason people run the Tough Guy: It’s fun.