Chris and Anna!

Hooray hooray! Congratulations Chris and Anna!

Got engaged at St Davids – thanks Si for the photos (more on photobucket). Brilliant brilliant news, Congratulations!


St Davids – tent championships report – more pictures

Another report about recent May bank holiday at St Davids.

 Tent racing conditions were highly favourable, with gusts of up to 86mph and strong contenders in the form of Will’s tent (snapped) and Sue’s tent (pictured). However, the winning tent (not pictured, for obvious reasons) was Gillian’s – would anyone passing near Ramsey island kindly collect it. Sue and Sara have posted more pictures of the weekend surfing, socials and Porth Clais trip here (Sue’s facebook album), and here (Sara’s album) enjoy, xxh

Andy Helena surfingAndyporth clais to solvaSolvaSues tent not a happy tentcliffs

St Davids: Porth Clais to Solva

near porth claiscavecircling 

Sue, Neil, HelenH, Laura, Anna, Leo, Daffers, Gina, Jenny and HelenJ did a gentle trip from Porth Clais to Solva, while Chris walked and cycled and photographed us and waved at us with his gammy arm.

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St Davids: Seals, Waves, Bishops and Sea sickness

 Will and the Bishop againLighthouse on north bishopview from whitesands

Me and Dinny, after much deliberating in the weeks running up to this trip, decided to do the classic sea paddle, the “Bishops and Clerks.” Reading the guidebook it shows you a pretty red line, which way to go and a few comments along the lines of “a committing paddle“, “if the sea looks bumpy when you can see out past Ramsey then turn around” and “it can take from 4 hours to a 14 hr epic.” hmmmmmm. Also, it has icons to illustrate choppiness of the sea: it shows Ramsey sound as flat, and way out at sea between south bishop and Ramsey as extremely choppy. Anyone who has seen Ramsey sound on a normal day can understand why we were both excited yet cautious of what awaited us way out at sea.

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St Davids – cake report

Maybe someone will post a paddling report or a weather report or a surf report. This is the cake report from Helen, Laura, Chris, Leo and Anna. We listened to the Welsh National Orchestra practice some nice music in the Cathedral. Then we ate this:


It is chocolate and walnut brownie from “The Refectory.” It is very hard to choose between this and Guiness cake. So we ate both.

Edited: Please check the comments for the book report, beer report, port report and here are Simon’s pics

Port Report


St DavidSt JustinianSt Eurosia

St WalburgaSt IsodoroSan Juan Bosco 

Saint David: patron saint of Wales. Saint Justinian: lived on Ramsay Island. Saint Eusoria: saint of nice weather. There is no saint of “The Bitches.” St Walburga: saint of “dogs, rabies and hydrophobia.” St Isidore of Seville: saint of surfing…the internet. There is no patron saint of “White Stuff” or “Fatface,” but San Juan Bosco is the patron saint of Patagonia.

Looking forward to a lovely bank holiday weekend.