AU night – say NO to GM

Start with ordinary vegetables:

eat more meat

Carry out controversial Siamese ducktape modification experiments:

Siamese ducktape bound by an eternal bond

The result is out-of-control siamese vegetables.

 human celeriac

Let that be a warning to us all.

Photos: Alexey, Helen J, More from Helen J


Pancakes were lovely

Potsy only had 9 pancakes, because he’s “on a diet.” Its called the “9 pancake diet.”

Dunno who won at most-pancakes or best verse? Very nice party, thanks Ade and Alison and Dinny.

Good timing, only 2 weeks of Lent now.

winner of the make-the-best-sentence competition

AU night – YMCA – photos

Photos: AndyL, Alex






maryeveryonetaming these darn steers




Pancakes Announcement – 19 Feb – NOTE NEW DATE

Its not the winning that counts, its the taking (a)part

OK what you need:

Empty stomach
Exotic toppings

Hope to see you all there – Ade

carmen miranda, with an exotic topping

P.S. I know it’s not actually Shrove Tuesday, but as of last
year the pope gave us special dispensation to move it – and look on the
bright side – it makes lent shorter!!



ye, 19th is better for me anyway

Just had word from Vatican city:

Pancake party has had to be postponed to Tue Feb 19th – all other details

Am assured appropriate Hail Mary’s are being said…



Talk Announcement – 23rd Jan – Dave Manby

Wed 23rd jan – 7.30pm – International Lounge – 2nd floor Liverpool Guild of Students – tickets on the door £3.50 – open to the public

Liverpool Kayak Talks

Dave Manby, famous kayaker, is going to give a talk at lucc, hooray!

What to expect: Stories about different countries and a lot of mad whitewater-themed things. Pictures of gorges through red Turkish granite and Himalayan boulder-strewn torrents. Kayaks folded to fit them into biplanes, land-rovers mended with string, days trecking to high-altitude put-ins etc. Expedition stories from Iran, Nepal, South America, everywhere really. Excerpts of the recently remastered “Relentless river of Everest” footage – the 1976 first descent of the Dudh Kosi by Mike Jones team. Videos of some sort of weirdo “boater cross” extreme experiment on the Coruh river. 

Dave Manby

Dave Manby began paddling in the seventies, during the time when canoeing was really changing as a sport. Boundaries were being pushed with what could be run – the Mike Jones team, a bunch of students and recent graduates, went for it, and didn’t let little details like “noone’s ever done that before, we don’t know if its even technically feasible” get in the way. Dave Manby was part of the team which ran the Dudh Kosi, Everest, then later, the 1978 K2 Braldu trip where Mike Jones tragically lost his life while going to the aid of a friend. Dave Manby and others went on to organise the original Mike Jones memorial Dee Tours. He’s carried on doing trips to new unpaddled areas of Asia, the middle east and South America, and developed a rafting and kayaking business in Turkey. Some amazing expeditions then and now. 

Dave gave a talk in Manchester last year, and his stories were gripping, honest and often very, very funny. The talk was scheduled for an hour or so, but people carried on encouraging him to tell more stories, and time just went away, and the stories carried on into the pub.

The talk will be in the international lounge at the guild, on the 2nd floor. Please tell your friends and colleagues about it, especially anyone who is into outdoor or adventure sports, kayaking, caving, climbing etc who might like to hear a talk on extreme expeditions. And please pass on the word to other local kayak clubs. Admission is £3.50 on the door. The talk is open to the public.

If you can offer any help e.g. putting up posters or setting out chairs etc on the day, then that would be great, please get in touch with Rachel. 

It may be possible to purchase copies of Dave’s book Many rivers to run and DVD Dudh kosi: Relentless river of Everest on the evening.

After the talk, we’ll be going to the Gilmore bar, which is on the ground floor of the guild. Actually, we’ll go there before as well. Laterz.

This is the first of a series of whitewater talks throughout the spring, more details from Rachel and Martin soon.

Liverpool Kayak Talks

Transport: Nearest train: Lime St / Central 10 minute walk / 2 minute bus. Streets near the guild (Oxford Rd, Mt Pleasant, top of Brownlow Hill) have unrestricted parking after 7pm.


google map link

More Xmas dinner photos

Rachel’s pics

See previous xmas dinner report for more albums

Xmas Dinner photos – Dress as a drink, not a drunk… oh whatever

Big thanks to Lloyd, who organised a great night out, nice one!

For anyone buying a round, be warned, it includes: Pina Colada, Pink lady, Wonder beer, black sheep, white lightening, brown ale, red dragon beer, bloody mary, 2 tequilas, 2 absinth fayries, some mysterious nights-that-say-“I’d like another beer please”, a very frightening blue nun and any amount of smirnoff. Good effort!


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