SnowFest 2010

… was tops.

Sue and I got a bit older. The rest of us collected hangover, bruises, fresh tracks, bunnies and smiles on the slopes.

Some random photos (stolen from facebook) from the trip. Big thankyous to Sue for all the organising. You can organise my Birthday celebrations every year.


White Christmas

A trip planned based on the theory that I can’t possibly be with my family at Christmas, so I am going to encourage everyone else to skip out on theirs as well. Skipping out on family turned out to be less popular than I expected, the only locals to make the trip were JimBob & Andy Ince.  Joined by the orphans for the year, myself, Ed, Dan, Sharon (Aus), Thai (Alaska) all going to visit Chris (exiled in France for a Season).

The tone for the trip was very much set on the first night, we laid out or luggage to discover we had more bottles of spirits than we had people. Obviously to get through all this we would need to be drinking all day… Christmas presents were given early and by day two everyone was packing a hipflask filled with their spirit of choice. Which helped to build up courage above the black runs, and also reduced the price of our nights out. One round can last all night when you can load up with every trip to the bathroom.

Christmas eve I am told was good… somewhere along the line we invented “Irish Russians”. A bit like a White Russian, only replace the milk with Baileys… then for some reason everything gets a little hazy.

Christmas gifts continued, and on Christmas morn we were all packing Santa Suits provided by Dan. So by mid afternoon Seven “Sober” Santas dragged themselves to the top of the mountain. In order to slide back down.

Thats about it, Video was created by Thai. Much thanks to everyone who came along and made it my best Christmas since landing in the Northern Hemisphere (Same time next year?).

Stay Classy…

SnowFest 2008

A bit of a late report, but hey we’ve been busy paddling…

March 8th through to March 15th was the now annual Snow Fest, Team Boarder vs Team Ski face off. Although the teams became far more fractured before the end of the week.

Day 1 (sat): a general mish mash of skiing boarding and stuff….

Day 2 (Sun): Team extreme (Will & co) formed the first break away group, of anyone who could keep up. Which was most people, but along the way we lost, Alison, Sue, Penny & Andy.

Apres ski

Day 3 (Mon): Team chill is formed (founding members Sue & Andy on the previous day), with a view to taking more breaks. Vin Chaud, Hot Chocolate and the occasional beer, with this in mind I was easily adopted as was Sara. I think there were other breakaways such as Team Girly featuring… Chris Crawley and the Girls. And Team Speedy, with Will, Cath and others.

Team Chill

Day 4 (Tues): Snow Day, we got dumped on all day long and it was awesome… fresh snow all day. Team Chill adopted some of team Speedy Boarder Chris R & Ade and some random Skiers, after carving some fresh tracks then went did some proper off piste tree weaving powdery runs. Not really very chilled we all got the first lift and the last lift of the day. It was awesome. Also tree weaving was Mike & Penny. Team extreme were off being more extreme. Team Crawley I think stayed on Piste (how lame is that). Did I mention it was Awesome?

SaraChris Rees

Day 5 (Weds): Rain Day, a good day to be in the bar. The snow of the previous day was replaced by rain, it was unpleasant. I think team extreme felt the need for a long day clocking up some distance on the higher slopes. Team chill went for hot chocolate, then soup, then left to go to the bar. I think we Spent a good 2 hours drinking hot chocolate & soup.

In the Bar

Day 6 (Thurs): It was sunny, pretty damn good really. The teams got mixed up again, I can’t remember who was where. We boarded, some skied.

Group ShotTamsin

Day 7 (Fri): Our first proper time in the boarder park. Ade, Dave C, Sara were definitely chilled. The boarder park rocked then we took a trip up the canyon, an off piste run with lots of jumps & stuff. We all tried to get as much radical air as possible. Andy won!

ridgeAndy Big Air

Day 8 (Sat): Last day, more boarder park action, and a mad dash back to the Hire Shop to return Stuff.


Day Later… I made a vid:

This report is badly recalled from the Brain of Aussie Dave, it probably contains many factual inaccuracies. Photo’s were stolen from Facebook, if they look like yours they probably are, a good time was had by all Mr Potts deserves big credit again for booking accommodation & pointing us in the direction Ski Hire and lift tickets. I’ll be back again next year.