Crispy Duck – Come on Liverpool – Wed 12th

 Liverpool vs Leeds vs Manchester

Christie Cup 2008

CANCELLED (high winds)

Help (Tuesday): If you have free time this eve (Tues) to help with sticking foam to polo boats, and lifting them onto the trailer, folk are meeting 7pm at sheds to do these things. (Followed by, e.g. Cambridge pub).

Players: Meet at sheds at 1.15pm Wednesday

Supporters: Anyone who wants to do cheering and shouting, the more the better, either go to the sheds at 1.15pm, or go to the docks anytime from 2pm-4pm – take scarf and hat and your loudest cheering voice.

polo at the docks - playing and cheering

Players so far:

Mary, Tammy, Emily, Charlotte, Sophie, Andy R, Lloyd, Vanny, Martin. If you want to play too, tell Claire or Mary.

Photo: Kim L.


BUSA polo – 12/13 April – sign up now

Claire is going to send in entries on March 7th, so you need to tell her asap if you are interested in playing.

We’ll be in the chillcheater league – ideally a mixture of olds (for structure) and students who didn’t get into the first teams.

Cost is £15-£20 per person, includes camping, entry fee and meal – this is based on 5-7 people in the team.

Polo news: Upcoming stuff

Sunday 25th Nov: Uni tournament at the docks. Players, supporters, photographers, cheerleaders, everyone. Meet at the sheds at 8.15am or head to the Watersports centre at the docks any time between 9am and 4pm. If you want to play, tell Claire P now – Hooray, quite a bunch of girls are signed up. And it looks like they are going to get plenty of games, cos they’ll need to play for the boys team too…

Wed 28th Nov: 3-5pm lu vs ljmu in the pool.

TBA: students vs everyone else. Bring it on!*

*what happened last time, eh?

Polo – Short educational vids from You-tube about canoe polo

How to do stern-turns:

How does “ref’s ball” work

Don’t ever give up on the sprint:

BUSA old boys results

Haha, we did BUSA, and despite all attempts by “team supremely unlucky” to self-destruct before the tournament, we still had a team of: Will, Ali D, Jenny, Helen, Cath and borrowees Ducky and Ian.

 Saturday we played the other teams in our minigroup, thats: Leeds (we lost), Bath (we lost) and Cardiff (we lost). Is there a pattern here? 🙂

Sunday, we played a crossover game against Loughborough olds. Although they also beat us, about 2-0, this was a far more enjoyable game and more at our level, hooray!

Highlights of the weekend were: Watching the students do loads better than us (well done!), Slackline antics, Cath’s freckly schoolgirl costume.

Thanks guys!

Team Lucky use cunning tactics to give the ball to the other team

BUSA polo next weekend

 Team “lucky” is set for BUSA, hot water bottles are warmed and ready…..

How lucky can one team be? Dave R has two dislocated fingers, Dave Oz has one hyperextended shoulder and Tim’s tooth has exploded in a diving accident.

So the team is currently: Will, Ali D, Jenny L, Sue D and Helen.

 Any other takers????

Polo – Grudge match

Last week’s pool session saw a polo match between the old-gits and youngsters. I only mention this repeatedly because THE OLD GITS WON 🙂 A rematch is planned tonight? Andy R’s rules are copied here. HEALTH WARNING: Reading them can seriously enhance any feelings of smugness.

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