Stanley Report and Noseclip kit review

I’ve always known that noseclips are just a visual marker to help identify who is “soft.” But have come round to the more modern view that I need a fashion accessory to match my nails. I have invested in a “Shaman Smiley” noseclip, developed by world champ Eric Southwick.

Its brilliant! Beyond belief and physics, doesn’t ever come off your nose. You can go through the car-wash on the outside of the vehicle, result! Avoids excrutiating brain-hosing. Avoids embarrassing 15-hour-post-salt-water nose waterfall. Hooray!

Now I am fearless Stanley girl. Oh yes. This is partly due to my shaman smiley clip, but mainly due to my very, very, very patient fairly-godmother, Phil B. Both advocate SMILING as the main factor in getting onto a wave, but only one of them shouts “OK, this time, try OPENING your fcuking EYES!”

Stanley team were: Will, Cath, Penny, Helen, Aussie Dave, Wigan Bob, Phil B, Rahooo and Martin, lovely day! More photos in Phil’s facebook album and Penny’s facebook album (facebook requires login).