Kit review – Howie’s thermal knickers

Successfully tested: On the Crake, Kent and Roeburn.*

These posh woolley pants give you a double-toasty glow – first because they keep you warm, second because they are made by tree-huggers, singing gentle rainforest songs as they comb and pat the the happy merino sheep.


Rather pricey, gulp, are they worth it?

There are cheaper ones around. Some of the pants from other brands are very small / skimpy styles (what’s the point?) and some are very boy (boxer style.) The Howie’s ones for girls are proper large, but slightly more of a feminine hipsters design. And there’s also the nice feeling of wearing something made of pure luxury, even if the rest of one’s ensemble is aging cheapo skankware.

The soft merino wool means they are warm, warm, warm, warm, warm.

Love it. Hooray for shiny kit!

Howies website.

(*River Roeburn trip: Nice river, Lake district, 2 swims, one snappity paddle, river report soon hopefully) 


Gordale Scar

This is the waterfall at Gordale Scar.

I don't think it really goes.... Rachel Climbing dress

Kit review: My new ASOLO boots: Waterproof. Rachel’s 6-month-old North Face boots: Not Waterproof.

This is the waterfall at Janet’s Foss.

Coin store Janet's Foss Rachel


(That is my climbing dress.)

This is the spring at Malham Cove.




Stanley Report and Noseclip kit review

I’ve always known that noseclips are just a visual marker to help identify who is “soft.” But have come round to the more modern view that I need a fashion accessory to match my nails. I have invested in a “Shaman Smiley” noseclip, developed by world champ Eric Southwick.

Its brilliant! Beyond belief and physics, doesn’t ever come off your nose. You can go through the car-wash on the outside of the vehicle, result! Avoids excrutiating brain-hosing. Avoids embarrassing 15-hour-post-salt-water nose waterfall. Hooray!

Now I am fearless Stanley girl. Oh yes. This is partly due to my shaman smiley clip, but mainly due to my very, very, very patient fairly-godmother, Phil B. Both advocate SMILING as the main factor in getting onto a wave, but only one of them shouts “OK, this time, try OPENING your fcuking EYES!”

Stanley team were: Will, Cath, Penny, Helen, Aussie Dave, Wigan Bob, Phil B, Rahooo and Martin, lovely day! More photos in Phil’s facebook album and Penny’s facebook album (facebook requires login).

Shiney New Kit and Having Sue for Dinner

Well for those that dont know, I’ve had finals recently, and after taking half of them, a break from revison was in order. So I went window shoping in a kayak shop. (Looking back I feel a bit silly now, I should have gone to a glass shop for windows). So me and Joe (some of you know from my birthday last year) went for a wee drive to Outdoor Active, a cracking little place in glostershire just off the M6 J14. Just to get out of the training centre we stay in and stretch the legs.

Wasn’t intending to spend any money but, as luck would have it, a delivery of sweet helmets had arrived 30 mins earlier. ( sweet is a make of helmet and not just some youngster hippy trendy lingo for a nice helmet.) And since I have been trying to try one on for ages i just felt compeled to do just that. 45 minutes later after trying and adjusting and trying some more I became quite a few pounds lighter in the wallet as well as becoming the owner of a nice shiny new helmet!
This brings me to dinner with Sue. Me and Rachel just had a great dinner with Sue (stew before anyone asks) as she passed through after spending the weekend doing a WHite Water Rescue Course with Helen H run by Tom Parker coaching.  As you do, we discussed paddling and kit which brings me back to my helmet which Sue and Rachel tried on. Cracking piece of kit, I’ll write a proper review when I’ve used it in anger, but for now just look how nice it is.
Me and my shiney helmet
More of my shiney helmet