I guess electricity and kayakers don’t mix

Hey guys, this is my first post on the luckyblog so apologies if its not too suitablebut hey it links to kayaking as its my hand.

A cautionary note for all kayakers with there wet nature, electricty and kayakers dont mix!!!! Partially my own fault for connecting a male connection to a plug and and having it connected to an instrument in the lab. This instrument has another mains connection. Only later did i realise the female connection means output. If you then unplug said cable from mains but not the normal input the the result is what you can see below.

Result? well 8-10 week healing time, potential ligament damage which means may have to have the joint fused –> finger never mobile in middle again –> permanently bent finger and should i desire a skin graft to prevent contracture of the joint. Hopefully there isnt damage to the bone underneath.

Is it gonna stop me paddling in alps?   Hell no!!!! (against the consultants advice but nurse said if i keep it clean i should be ok

Moral of story? dont let electricity have any advantage and dont mess with it.

Finger, full thickness burn




“Well, Mr. Greenwood, you seem to have an avulsion fracture of C6, probably caused by your head hitting the bottom of the river. Luckily, this type of ‘clay shoveler’s fracture‘ is pretty stable, so just carry on as normal*”


* as normal: adv: doing the things one usually does.

Hey Ade, glad you are OK. (Thanks Phil for XRays and explanation.)