Featured blog of the week – Lili – “Dam shame” video

Sam Ward, founder of the adventure kayak company “Love it Live it,” has made a video about the Bujagali Dam project, Uganda. Its not a protest film – it more a homage to the white water there, and a record of the fun times and the rapids which are soon to be lost. Check out the “Love it Live it” blog. Here is their video:


Loonsey ice climbing on Ben Nevis – featured blog of the week

Amazing pictures of spider-glacier-girl: Read Lindsey’s blogpost:

Loonsey: Ben Nevis Feb 2008

Really great that your shoulder is getting better, great stuff!


Article on Ben Nevis, as well as Loonseys other adventures, can be found on takeittothebridge blog.

Photos: Jos Style, Andy Bottrill, Lindsey Kennedy

Featured blog of the Week – Paperclip

 Paperclip Blog 

Rather enterprising chap has tried the “Swap-this-for-a-paperclip” idea, (this kind of thing has been done before) in an effort to work his way up to owning a red Pyranah Burn. Obviously the colour is important. And he’s nearly there!! Currently he’s got as far as a sea kayak. Anyone got a burn and wants to swap it for a shark-bait-boat?

paperclip watch surfboard sea king kayak

 Paperclip Blog


Featured blog of the week – Sea aggragater

Work avoidance, sea-kayak themed: http://www.paddlingplanet.com/ Its an aggragater with articles from, and pointers to, many sea-themed kayak blogs. Addictive, oh dear.

Featured blog of the Week – 12 drops of Christmas

Featured Blog: Tom Laws, Bangor student/whitewater wastrel. Lots of whitewater photography and gnarl. Some happy browsing of local and not-at-all-local river action.

A nice idea: He’s posted up his 12 drops of Christmas, favourite waterfalls from this year.

 What would your 12 drops of christmas be? I can’t say this is my favourite drop exactly, but I’ll start:

 “On the first drop of christmas, my true love gave to me, a swim in ‘wee stink-y'”


Please continue, names or photage of your favourite drops pleeeez, preferably pics of you actually looking cool, in contrast to that sad picture.

[edit: 😦 comments do not support images, but links to images do work]

Featured blog of the week: Kayaking is not a crime

Many new things, new website, new vid, new petition: 

The nooshmooshiny website is at http://www.kayakingisnotacrime.org.uk/ 

Here’s a short nootoob clip of the new video:

Here’s a previous post about the T Shirts.

Most important news, as per Martin’s email, please sign the new WCA petition on land access reform. This is the second petition – its the next stage in the campaigning, so its important that you sign this one even though you already signed the first one.

Featured Blogs of the week – Mancunian kayakers

This week’s featured Blogs have a Manchester kayaking theme, enjoy:

 The White Bits

 Skip Fairweather

 Scuba Dave