Pink is the new black

From palm. Lovely.

or would you say mauve


Ho ho ho

On a cold damp december sunday morning, a bunch of merry old souls thought it would be a good idea to get out of bed early put on some red pyjamas, a santa hat and a beard! The reason for his was the annual event that everyone should experience at least once which is the Liverpool Santa Dash fun run, its only 5k  but the experience is very rewarding. When you 1st leave the house you feel like a right pillock.

team santa


Our day started with 3 santas, me Cath and Alison H, we got in the car quickly and zoomed off into town, getting funny looks off passers by and other motorists, you wouldn’t be blamed if people thought we were going to rob a bank! Soon we were joined by Helen, Rachel and Kev and then by Tim and Hydran. In a group of 8 it wasn’t as bad, walking down london rd cars were tooting in amusement at the sight of our merry little gathering completely oblivious of what was happening in Liverpool.
As we made our way across the city to the Starbucks next to the Town hall from every alley way and road, strange people dressed in santa costumes were emerging, all moving in the same direction as if being drawn by a call.

team pillock

sea of santas

A quick stop at starbucks to meet up with Phil, penny and penny’s friend plus FREE coffee and cake we were off again and being joined and joining more and more santas as we descended on the Liver building to be confronted with 6000 santas.

river of santas



The atmosphere builds as you and everyone around you is enchanted by the amazing sight of a sea of red santas and the odd blue ones representing that 2nd-rate liverpool based football team Everton 😛  Then your off and it is just a magical experience seeing thousands of bobbing santas everywhere. The run finally comes to an end and you get you goody bag before our posse made its way back to Supees on Smithdown road for a well deserved breakfast.
Next year YOU SHOULD JOIN IN THE FUN I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
Take it easy and a HO HO HO to you all 


Wookie santa

Photos by: Cath and Tim

some liverbirdtimbo

Kit review – Howie’s thermal knickers

Successfully tested: On the Crake, Kent and Roeburn.*

These posh woolley pants give you a double-toasty glow – first because they keep you warm, second because they are made by tree-huggers, singing gentle rainforest songs as they comb and pat the the happy merino sheep.


Rather pricey, gulp, are they worth it?

There are cheaper ones around. Some of the pants from other brands are very small / skimpy styles (what’s the point?) and some are very boy (boxer style.) The Howie’s ones for girls are proper large, but slightly more of a feminine hipsters design. And there’s also the nice feeling of wearing something made of pure luxury, even if the rest of one’s ensemble is aging cheapo skankware.

The soft merino wool means they are warm, warm, warm, warm, warm.

Love it. Hooray for shiny kit!

Howies website.

(*River Roeburn trip: Nice river, Lake district, 2 swims, one snappity paddle, river report soon hopefully) 

Rainbow T shirt

Gene17 have announced new T-shirts of UKRGB. Fits in with current retro trends. But luckily choosing two rather tasteful shades of “not neon”.  

ukrgb tee shirt

Kayaking, what is it?

Well, not a crime, obviously…

Kayaking is not a crime. But your dress sense is. Fix it. Get a nice T shirt

Its a sort of…inner dampness of the soul?

KINAC T-Shirts are here:

And get your story clear about what kayaking is. Cos you’ll get asked.

An LUCC Old Favourite makes the big time

It has come to the attention of the avid MTV Dance viewer that an old member of the LUCC Christmas dinner has made the big time and has now managed to make its way into Armand Van Helden’s – I want your soul video. If this little guy can make it theres hope for us all.

The good old LUCC favourite