ToughGuy 2008

Sunday was Tough Guy again….

I am still tough, Ade is still tough and Arlette is a new tough girl. It was a slightly different course to last year, and far more knackering.

Last year it was a longish flatish run to the Slalom (which was fairly tame).

This year was a short run to the Slalom (which was not tame), so they made up for it by forcing you up and down this hill about 10 times (I am not exaggerating). And that hill is steeper than it looks, proper use your hands type thing on the way up. And the flat bits of the run had hay bales to jump over and nets to crawl under, and it wouldn’t be tough guy without mud. Meaning that you never really got to just run (which was 90% of my training.) And I don’t remember so many muddy trenches, prior to the obstacle course… still it was definitely shorter.

All this before you get to the obstacles. Which were much the same as usual, some faves are the fiery holes

Which Ade probably reached while they were still burning, by the time I got there, they were the smouldering holes. The Tiger… with its electric ribbons that would temp Jamie to get out his arse (can’t find any pics). They definitely sting a little… and a (now) familiar blend of mud, ropes, mud, water, mud, mind numbing cold and mud

As I was closer to the front I had less recovery time between the obstacles, making that a bit harder, but my time a lot better. (1hr 36min (ish) vs 2hr30ish). Ade was ahead of me somewhere being quick off the mark and already tough, Arlette being one of the wet necks, had a lot of ground to catch up and finished somewhere behind.

I started the race, saying this will be my last Tough Guy, finished saying I have to come back, drag my brother and beat him. Currently undecided, loved the event would like to be able to walk down stairs today. (f&8k it, I’ll be there next year… who’s up for it)

Also browsing for pics I found this site, with a video for last year. Might be a familiar face about 2seconds in.

Generally great article, with some class piccies

Tough Guy Porn

Some great quotes

We’re cold, and we’re miserable. I pass dozens of toned, fit, attractive women who are wearing wet, clinging T-shirts and coated with a layer of mud that accentuates their every curve and muscle.

And some explanations for doing it…


“It seemed like a good idea when I was drunk.”


“There’s not enough challenges in life anymore, are there?” Skone says. “And it reassures your faith in humanity. You see it on the course. You’ll see strangers helping each other.

And Finally my reason

I think there is another, simpler reason people run the Tough Guy: It’s fun.



Wed 23rd Jan – Guild – International Lounge – 7.30pm – Dave Manby talk – £3.50 Adults/Students/Children.

Tell your friends, especially any kayakers in the Liverpool area, or anyone who likes outdoor adventure talks, e.g. the climbing club etc.

We’re heading to the Gilmore bar beforehand.

Liverpool Kayak Talks

More info about talks in February and March will be added as soon as confirmed – fingers crossed we may be able to get a paddler from the 2007 Kazakhstan Expedition, last year’s excurion by a bunch of whitewater junkies selected from UK Universities.

Talk Announcement – 23rd Jan – Dave Manby

Wed 23rd jan – 7.30pm – International Lounge – 2nd floor Liverpool Guild of Students – tickets on the door £3.50 – open to the public

Liverpool Kayak Talks

Dave Manby, famous kayaker, is going to give a talk at lucc, hooray!

What to expect: Stories about different countries and a lot of mad whitewater-themed things. Pictures of gorges through red Turkish granite and Himalayan boulder-strewn torrents. Kayaks folded to fit them into biplanes, land-rovers mended with string, days trecking to high-altitude put-ins etc. Expedition stories from Iran, Nepal, South America, everywhere really. Excerpts of the recently remastered “Relentless river of Everest” footage – the 1976 first descent of the Dudh Kosi by Mike Jones team. Videos of some sort of weirdo “boater cross” extreme experiment on the Coruh river. 

Dave Manby

Dave Manby began paddling in the seventies, during the time when canoeing was really changing as a sport. Boundaries were being pushed with what could be run – the Mike Jones team, a bunch of students and recent graduates, went for it, and didn’t let little details like “noone’s ever done that before, we don’t know if its even technically feasible” get in the way. Dave Manby was part of the team which ran the Dudh Kosi, Everest, then later, the 1978 K2 Braldu trip where Mike Jones tragically lost his life while going to the aid of a friend. Dave Manby and others went on to organise the original Mike Jones memorial Dee Tours. He’s carried on doing trips to new unpaddled areas of Asia, the middle east and South America, and developed a rafting and kayaking business in Turkey. Some amazing expeditions then and now. 

Dave gave a talk in Manchester last year, and his stories were gripping, honest and often very, very funny. The talk was scheduled for an hour or so, but people carried on encouraging him to tell more stories, and time just went away, and the stories carried on into the pub.

The talk will be in the international lounge at the guild, on the 2nd floor. Please tell your friends and colleagues about it, especially anyone who is into outdoor or adventure sports, kayaking, caving, climbing etc who might like to hear a talk on extreme expeditions. And please pass on the word to other local kayak clubs. Admission is £3.50 on the door. The talk is open to the public.

If you can offer any help e.g. putting up posters or setting out chairs etc on the day, then that would be great, please get in touch with Rachel. 

It may be possible to purchase copies of Dave’s book Many rivers to run and DVD Dudh kosi: Relentless river of Everest on the evening.

After the talk, we’ll be going to the Gilmore bar, which is on the ground floor of the guild. Actually, we’ll go there before as well. Laterz.

This is the first of a series of whitewater talks throughout the spring, more details from Rachel and Martin soon.

Liverpool Kayak Talks

Transport: Nearest train: Lime St / Central 10 minute walk / 2 minute bus. Streets near the guild (Oxford Rd, Mt Pleasant, top of Brownlow Hill) have unrestricted parking after 7pm.


google map link

Xmas Dinner photos – Dress as a drink, not a drunk… oh whatever

Big thanks to Lloyd, who organised a great night out, nice one!

For anyone buying a round, be warned, it includes: Pina Colada, Pink lady, Wonder beer, black sheep, white lightening, brown ale, red dragon beer, bloody mary, 2 tequilas, 2 absinth fayries, some mysterious nights-that-say-“I’d like another beer please”, a very frightening blue nun and any amount of smirnoff. Good effort!


Many more photos of the xmas dinner here:

Cath’s photos

Carol’s photos

Kaylia’s photos

Becca’s photos

Alexay’s photos

Where’s Ash?

AU night. The “Other” (shudder) boat club, in a genius move, dressed as kayakers-dressed-as-wally, and succesfully kidnapped  Ash. He is currently being shouted at by short people,  and is coming to the xmas do as  “Pimms and Lemonade boy.”

Where oh where

Ho ho ho

On a cold damp december sunday morning, a bunch of merry old souls thought it would be a good idea to get out of bed early put on some red pyjamas, a santa hat and a beard! The reason for his was the annual event that everyone should experience at least once which is the Liverpool Santa Dash fun run, its only 5k  but the experience is very rewarding. When you 1st leave the house you feel like a right pillock.

team santa


Our day started with 3 santas, me Cath and Alison H, we got in the car quickly and zoomed off into town, getting funny looks off passers by and other motorists, you wouldn’t be blamed if people thought we were going to rob a bank! Soon we were joined by Helen, Rachel and Kev and then by Tim and Hydran. In a group of 8 it wasn’t as bad, walking down london rd cars were tooting in amusement at the sight of our merry little gathering completely oblivious of what was happening in Liverpool.
As we made our way across the city to the Starbucks next to the Town hall from every alley way and road, strange people dressed in santa costumes were emerging, all moving in the same direction as if being drawn by a call.

team pillock

sea of santas

A quick stop at starbucks to meet up with Phil, penny and penny’s friend plus FREE coffee and cake we were off again and being joined and joining more and more santas as we descended on the Liver building to be confronted with 6000 santas.

river of santas



The atmosphere builds as you and everyone around you is enchanted by the amazing sight of a sea of red santas and the odd blue ones representing that 2nd-rate liverpool based football team Everton 😛  Then your off and it is just a magical experience seeing thousands of bobbing santas everywhere. The run finally comes to an end and you get you goody bag before our posse made its way back to Supees on Smithdown road for a well deserved breakfast.
Next year YOU SHOULD JOIN IN THE FUN I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
Take it easy and a HO HO HO to you all 


Wookie santa

Photos by: Cath and Tim

some liverbirdtimbo

Talks – Greenland and High Arctic – Fri 23rd Nov PYB

8pm – Plas-y-Brenin – Capel Curig – Fri 23rd Nov – Jim Hargreaves –  details.

Jim Hargreaves (he did the first of the series of talks at the uni back in January), is giving a lecture at Plas y Brenin National Mountaineering Centre on Friday 23rd November at 8pm called “Qajak”-Adventures in the high Artic Regions of Canada and western Greenland. It might be a bit of a long way, but well worth it if you can make the journey. find info at pyb website.

Cost is £5 on the door. More info from the pyb site:

Jim Hargreaves is back! Once again Jim’s uniquely infectious sense of humour and dynamic style of presentation is coming to Plas y Brenin’s glittering stage. Join The National Mountain Centre’s favourite speaker as he recounts tales of sea kayaking in the Canadian High Artic and Greenland’s west coast whilst taking a look at the history, construction and use of traditional Inuit paddles and craft (Qajaq and Umiaq), still used for hunting today. Listen to Jim’s account of Qaanaaq, the only town in the world where Inuit still hunt for narwhal in kayaks and sit back and enjoy slides of dramatic scenery and amazing wildlife including muskox, narwhal, humpback whales, polar bears, walrus, and beluga. Find out what is actually happening up there in the Arctic. Take a look at the actual effect of current climate change on the Canadian High Arctic – both on the land itself and on the Inuit people. Find out how unprecedented changes are affecting fauna and Inuit hunters alike and how they are adapting to the changes.
Tickets for this inspiring and enlightening night’s entertainment are available directly from reception (01690 720214) for £4 and will also be available on the door priced at £5

jim sea kayak arctic