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This is the blog page for us “young and sprightly” folk associated with or alumni of Liverpool University canoe club. Our job is to offer support and help to lucc, and to go paddling as much as possible, or just dream about going paddling a lot, cos now we’ve moved to the S**th to get a job. So post your paddling adventures here! Or if you haven’t got any paddling adventures, post ultrasound picture of your arrive-soon-baby, or a picture of whatever else it is you are doing. Contact Helen if you want to be able to blogpost here.



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  1. 🙂

  2. Hi

    I graduated back in oooo 1993 ( yes that makes me really old I know) and was a member of LUCC for all of my time in Liverpool. Stumbled onto the site quite by accident and have had a very pleasent hour reading about your antics and trips. It brough all the happy, wet and cold canoeing trips to Wales back. Thanks !! 🙂


  3. Hi Simon,
    Glad it made you smile!
    I joined LUCC a couple of years after you left, which also makes me one of the crinkly ones – I remember some of the folk who would have overlapped with you, and in fact there are even one or two still here.
    Nice to hear from you! Helen

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