Washburn report

On Sunday, a whole bunch of folk headed to the Washburn – Alison, Kaylia, me, Penny, Bob, Frank, Will, Cath, Chris, Anna, Splinky and Kev. Will found it “too boring”, or maybe he was too hungover from party the night before, and decided to jog the shuttles instead, which was very handy for the rest of us.

Was a lovely day with brilliant sunshine. Despite the weather, the water was chilly – luckily only one swim between us all day.

The Washburn is certainly pricier than we’d remembered – £8 even for bcu members – I guess I’ve only usually gone in an evening before, is it cheaper on the eve runs?

On our last run, we found a lone random, “paddling without his boat”, haha. I’m sure he was delighted to be rescued by us 5 girls (not). Unfortunately he was too young to legally purchase swimbeers.

Hooray for a nice sunny Sunday with good company.

Also spent Saturday in Angelsey, which had nice surf, not huge, but very pleasant – lets have some surf trips this spring,

Happy paddling xxxxh


2 Responses

  1. More surf trips sounds like a great plan!!! 🙂 xx

  2. Hey yes was a good day! Thanks for letting me borrow your boat Helen 🙂

    More surf trips – anyone fancy newquay??? I could organise something, might be too late this summer – for the uni lot, but maybe next year. I’ll have a talk with Sambo for ideal accommodation as he goes there alot with the Surf club.
    and provides a lively night and good surf 🙂 Is quite far i guess, but what the hell.

    I know people in the past have mentioned polzeith (sorry for spelling) could be another option!

    Oh and Scotland was ACE!! U missed a good trip, for those of you that were not there! SUNNY can you believe it 🙂

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