When rivers go bad

On September 6th, the innocuous seeming Henmore brook, which runs past the end of my folks garden, rose by more than 10 foot and burst the river-defence boundary wall, flooding their bungalow very suddenly, at 3am 😦


The whole thing, the event itself and especially the aftermath, has been a bit surreal. When people ask how things are going, I do find myself sometimes actually telling them, and this means launching into rather a list – very sorry about that!

Well, the list is too long really to go into, the important thing is, things now, this beginning of December, truly seems to be a turning point, with things looking better each day, rather than worse:

After some heavy-duty fans and industrial dehumidifiers working for a couple of months, the house was declared “dried out” in the first week of December, and the joists and floorboards are being replaced this week. Mum and Dad are managing remarkably well, despite everything, and are in a small but cosy rental home on the edge of town. They should be able to move back into their house in April.

We’ve been so lucky to have the help of a lot of brilliant friends and family – helping with the clear-up, providing cooked meals for the team in the first week, or just listening to how things are, sending kind messages, and being a shoulder. Can’t help but feel rather unlucky in terms of what happened. But amazingly fortunate in the brillaint friends we have.

Looking forward to Christmas, which we’re going to spend in a very nice village pub.

This picture, from a couple of months ago, is especially for Si  (check the view from the window) , who will know exactly what it is. 🙂

Emergency Dam


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