Santa Dash Sunday 7th December

Reminder to enter this year’s Santa Dash!

Entry Forms at “Run Liverpool” 


Last year's event

This year, the students will have a Uni Polo tournament on the 7th, so suggested plan would be, run the Santa dash, and then head down to the docks to cheer on the polo teams (in costume), and then head to a suitable greasy spoon for all day breakfasts.

Who is signed up already?


4 Responses

  1. just sending the forms off. I’ve entered one of my old school friends too, who happens to be up that weekend. She does not know yet though! keeping it as a suprise.

  2. I’ll be doing it! I’ll be up in Liverpool that weekend cos I graduate the next day 🙂
    Simon is doing it this year too…..

  3. I’m rocking up for this event \o/

  4. Right, just put in my entry.

    I will be there or I will be hungover and be there.

    Krazy house saturday?

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