Hell Runner

Where is the best place to be on a rainy November weekend.

If your answer was running through a Muddy forest encountering “the bogs of Doom” and following paths that seemed to pick the steepest hills possible. Then Delerware (sp) forest & Hellrunner are for you.

Will said “Hellrunner?”, 9 of lucky’s finest said “Hell yeah!”. So with that spirit, Myself, Ade, Mike, Will, Cath, Alison, Kev, Claire and Penny lined up at the start line, for a race no one knew the length of, or the terrain.

It turns out it was about 10-12 miles of primarily steep muddy paths. The surprise result being Mike narrowly beating Ade. And Alison only a few minutes behind Claire.

Today’s reviews..

Well done to everyone (esp Mike – fine performance!)

My legs can tell they’ve been out.

Well I can hardly walk and stairs are completely impossible!
Am taking up running for my new hobby though.

Penny (who crossed the line without being noticed)
Ah – all part of my MI6 untrackableness! Today i have decided that lifts (usually looked on with distain) are a good invention after all.

After feeling like i had been hit by a bus last night, this morning i feel ok apart fom the intensely uncomfortable ring of fire of nappy rash i have between my buttocks!! I have spent the day walking like john wayne.

Position, Name, Time
68 MIKE LANCASTER 01:33:10
77 ADE GREENWOOD 01:33:33
287 DAVID COOTE 01:48:10
1062 ALISON HOWELL 02:22:33
1227 CATHERINE TURNER 02:34:49
1230 WILLIAM POTTS 02:34:49
1375 KEVIN SMITH 02:55:29


2 Responses

  1. DELAMERE!!!! – bloody foreigners!

  2. Was great fun. I did’nt feel too bad yesterday, a few aches here and there. Took ages to scrub all the mud off though!

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