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Santa Dash Sunday 7th December

Reminder to enter this year’s Santa Dash!

Entry Forms at “Run Liverpool” 


Last year's event

This year, the students will have a Uni Polo tournament on the 7th, so suggested plan would be, run the Santa dash, and then head down to the docks to cheer on the polo teams (in costume), and then head to a suitable greasy spoon for all day breakfasts.

Who is signed up already?

Hell Runner

Where is the best place to be on a rainy November weekend.

If your answer was running through a Muddy forest encountering “the bogs of Doom” and following paths that seemed to pick the steepest hills possible. Then Delerware (sp) forest & Hellrunner are for you.

Will said “Hellrunner?”, 9 of lucky’s finest said “Hell yeah!”. So with that spirit, Myself, Ade, Mike, Will, Cath, Alison, Kev, Claire and Penny lined up at the start line, for a race no one knew the length of, or the terrain.

It turns out it was about 10-12 miles of primarily steep muddy paths. The surprise result being Mike narrowly beating Ade. And Alison only a few minutes behind Claire.

Today’s reviews..

Well done to everyone (esp Mike – fine performance!)

My legs can tell they’ve been out.

Well I can hardly walk and stairs are completely impossible!
Am taking up running for my new hobby though.

Penny (who crossed the line without being noticed)
Ah – all part of my MI6 untrackableness! Today i have decided that lifts (usually looked on with distain) are a good invention after all.

After feeling like i had been hit by a bus last night, this morning i feel ok apart fom the intensely uncomfortable ring of fire of nappy rash i have between my buttocks!! I have spent the day walking like john wayne.

Position, Name, Time
68 MIKE LANCASTER 01:33:10
77 ADE GREENWOOD 01:33:33
287 DAVID COOTE 01:48:10
1062 ALISON HOWELL 02:22:33
1227 CATHERINE TURNER 02:34:49
1230 WILLIAM POTTS 02:34:49
1375 KEVIN SMITH 02:55:29