Turkey: video trailer

Currently in production, Lazy and Inept Productions video of trip to Turkey – see Ali’s report of the trip: Turkish Delights in June

Here’s a trailer:


8/9 Nov Tyne Tour

Tyne tour, innit. Helen Jones is organising the student delegation – they have 2 (!) minibuses going and a bsquillion people – so if you want to go with them / have car spaces to offer, then get in touch with Helen J.

Check the Tyne tour website for info / ticket application etc, and hurry up if you want tickets by post.

Grade I with 3 drops, near Stoke

Not posted for ages, and I guess that other folk have been too busy paddling to post. Good stuff. Anyway, here is a picture that I feel needs putting up. And would be good to hear about any adventures you’ve been having, xh

Autumn trips LUCC

See the lucanoe.info website for a list of trips of Autumn term. In particular, the West Tanfield trip is 25/26 Oct, the Tyne Tour is 8/9 Nov and the Xmas dinner is 12 Dec. xh