Tour De North

So after finishing up my last job, with no more work in sight I figured the best thing to do would be to go for a bike ride. I even convinced myself that if I could stop at peoples houses I could apply for jobs online and it would be just as effective as staying at home.

So how to plan a bike ride, well look up the addresses of your mates in the North, ignore those who live in bigger cities, pick a nice place to start and join the dots. The nice place to start I chose was Penrith. The night before (Thurs 11th Sept)  I caught the train up to Warrington to have beers with Si & Lloyd, figuring the next morning I could get an early start.

I spent the next morning sitting around in Warrington trying to kill time, as they wouldn’t let me on the train with my bike until 11:15. ASDA do really average breakfasts. Eventually I caught the trian, and left myself 5ish hours to cover the distance I initially planned to do in 8 hours. Day 1, Penrith To Barrow via Conniston, was a picturesque ride definitely best done on a weekday. It includes an assent of Kirkstone pass, which is as steep as anything the alps has to offer. Fortunately its also a lot shorter.

Arrived in Barrow, drank beer with Laura, didn’t apply for any jobs… Saturday and Sunday were filled in with some walking in the Lakes. Very nice, I have no photos, but if I did I suspect Saturdays would look like clouds. Saturday night involved drinking tea and playing cards in a nice pub. It was tops.

Monday, left Barrow and headed to Lancaster via Windermere. Very nice ride scenery wise. I got rained on continously for the 8 hours or so before I arrived at Chez Devling. Tim and I then went off to the pub to meet Mr Kev, drank beer, ordered curry, didn’t apply for any jobs.

Tuesday’s destination was Halifax, catching up with Andy Rahooo in Clitheroe. Again a really nice ride, it was even dry for the morning… Apparently Andy got rained on continously from Liverpool, so he turned up 2 hours later than agreed looking very soggy. Rain continued to follow Andy, and by default me all the way to Halifax. In Halifax we were greeted by Andy’s parents, who fed us spag bol and tea. Feeling warmer and drier we went to the pub, drank beer, and didn’t apply for any jobs.

Next stop, the Bob residence. Not quite as good a ride, a little bit too suburban. The morning was spent heading for the Holme pass (or whatever the hill south of Holme is called). Went over that, and headed for Sheffield(ish). After arriving at Jim Bobs I realised that Jim Bob is not a christened name. Loonsey arrived (on route between her new house in Durham and her Boyfriends new house in London) at some point, we ate spag bol, laughed at childhood photos of Jim Bob, drank tea, wine and beer, and didn’t apply for any jobs.

Thursday, first day of proper sunshine, Lindsey gave me a lift back to her blokes new place in London. I took the bike inside, and made myself a cup of tea.

Thursday arvo, got a phone call… Can I start work on Monday… feeling slightly jammy I said yes.

Random Notes
1) I have a new bike it looks like this

Mine is dirtier

Mine is dirtier

2) My old bike got knicked
3) Lindsey’s bloke’s new London house, is my London house
4) Distance wise every day was between 90 and 100km
5) My new job, where I am writing this, is the same as the previous contract position, but for 3 months. I met my recruitment bloke on Friday, he apparently went to Liverpool Uni, we talked about the wonders of the Raz.


3 Responses

  1. Based on a question from Ade… I feel I should clarify. Lindsey’s bloke has moved into my house. I am not seeing Lindsey (and I am breathing a sigh of releif at that thought)

  2. Jammy Jammy bastard.

  3. Nice bike

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