British summer paddling weekend

After some strong hints from Kaylia that she wanted to paddle this weekend a  group of us had some fun on the Tryweryn and the Wnion with Andy Ince’s Birthday BBQ party in-between.  Was not great weather for a BBQ but we didn’t mind as it was good for paddling.

Saturday saw me, Will, Lloyd, Andy R, Kaylia, Matt C, Katie and Bob (Wigan) have a nice free paddle at the Tryweryn.  Three descents of the upper, two broken sets of paddles, a raft stuck in the bottom of ski jump and a few swims from Katie later we headed back to Chester to Andy’s for a party.

We hit the pub for a few pre party beers and then headed to Andy’s laden with beers and burgers trying not to get too wet in the rain. Cheers for the party Andy.

It rained all night so on Sunday me, Will, Lloyd and Katie got up with sore heads and headed over to the Tryweryn to pick up my kit I had stupidly left there the day before.  We met up with Bob, Frank (Wigan), Matt and Kaylia and headed to the river Wnion. It looked to be a nice level and was a new river for all of us except Will who had run it a few years back in floods and said it would be a nice grade 2/3 bimble.  Hmmmm, not quite accurate but it was a great section particularly for intermediates.  

We discreetly got changed and put on just below the horseshoe shape weir like drop, out of site of the fishermen that had just turned up.  They saw us just as we got on but were very nice and thought us mad for “going paddling down there”.  No access problems at all despite the guidebook saying it is a sensitive area for this.  Parking is limited at the top and we cheekily used the campsite for parking at the bottom. The section starts off a nice grade 2 for a bit then steepens up and drops into a lovely gorge containing several easyish grade 4 pool drop rapids.  The worst drop is the one into the first gorge where the river narrows and drops over a boulder into a hole that spits you out in various directions.  It finishes with a second gorge like a mini chateau Q before you take out at the campsite bridge. The water was warm the sun out and the river at a perfect level.  We finished the day with a quick pub stop on the way home.  It was a great weekend and here’s to more summer paddling weekends.


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  1. A fabulous paddle, best river I have done since the Alps. Not being as good apaddler as Cath I thought it was a continous, not so easy, grade 4. Not much bimbling apart from the first and last bits.

    Frank (Wigan CC)

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