London Triathlon

A few LUCC associates were at the triathlon this weekend. Si was there to help all the swimmers be safe… I was there to compete, and on my way out I was spotted by a Dan Waterston (who I didn’t didn’t realise was competing)… anyway
Heaps of fun, took me 3hrs 29min 43secs

But as I the clock says I spent 1hr52 on the bike, and my bike computer says I spent 1hr22 on the bike. I am going to assume I spent 30 minutes swearing at my punctures and waiting for a replacement tube.

Dan did somewhat better, in 2hr41min34sec

Who is up for next years?


2 Responses

  1. Dude, hope the new job is treating you well 🙂

    see any ugly fat running men?

  2. Its ok All the ugly fat men were “mistaken” for whales during the swim section and duly speared to be turned into lamp oil and corsets.

    Congrates on finshing it Dave.

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