News from Fran below – great stuff girl! Wow, fastest female, and also second over all at orienteering competition (including guys and gals). Set to do a “free fall” course at the end of term – sounds very scary, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, thanks for all the news!
Dear All,
Sorry about the blanket letter. Time is quite short here even though the days are long.
At the end of seven weeks now. Half way through term 1. Hows it going?  It’s going great! From my half way report I got yesterday I’m doing well. Good stuff. Just got to keep it up. Like I said before, it’s long hours but you don’t really notice when you’ve got into the swing of things. 6 hours sleep seems like too much now!
The ladies in our platoon are highly motivated and friendly. I can tell that it’s going to be hard to part company next April!
First five weeks were hellish, with room inspections (folding everything to A4 size), drill (marching round) and drinking 1litre of water after singing the national anthemn in the morning!  Not everyone can sing in tune. It hurt.
Then after a weekend leave we came back and headed off to the Black Mountains in Wales for a 60km navigation and command task (problem solving) exercise. 20 hours later my team broke the record for the fastest female time and won the competition. Awesome stuff.
But in the last week we’ve had two major outbreaks of Norovirus. 150 down with diorrhea and vomiting first time and now about 50 in the second round.  We’ve been imprisoned in camp until further notice.  The open day for family and friends has also been cancelled for tommorow. Doh. Hope it all clears up for next week so we can go home for another leave weekend.
Hope you’re all fine. If you’ve been trying to contact me on my phone: I had lost it, have got another one and now am back on the same number as before. 
If you haven’t been trying to phone me:  then why not?!
Can you also send me your phone number as I’ve lost some of your numbers on my old phone.  Cheers.
Write to or phone me!!
Love Fran x

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