Lakes trip was tops

Photos Andy Sq

Hooray for lakes trip!

Staying in the village hall worked well, bargain cheap and no need to put tents up.

Saturday: Everyone did the Brathay and Leven – we also did the lower down bit of the Leven, which had some nice rapids, and an unrunnable weir (which Andy Sq and Mark ran). Team Stu added the Troutbeck and Gt Langdale Beck for a 4-river day!

Sunday: Team Early did the harder bit of the Duddon (upper), then everyone else joined in for the middle and lower. A really nice day, both sections were really nice – the middle is a bit harder than the lower, the lower still has lots of nice rapids, and a good drop under a bridge.  The middle bit has Jilly’s Folley, which provided plenty of entertainment.

Don't worry we'll save you

Finn (first go)CP


Big thanks to all the safety (Niall, Mark, Andy Sq, Stu, Andy R, Lloyd and others) all the river leaders (lots of people), and all the minibus and van drivers. Biggest up to Helen J and Claire P who kept everything organised.

Best screams, Kylie, most swims, KTL. Best hidden-tiger-dragon-ate-my-paddle impression, Laura B. A great weekend.

Out of hands experience

Cheers team Squirrel and team Kylie, two lovely days of paddling!


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  1. Thanks for doing the report Helen and blogging the pictures. Excellent job, simply not had time to do it last week. A good trip where i hope everyone learned something, and i know some people progressed very well. A welcome return for the pool sessions this week for people to work on those skills.

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