Wales 9th/10th Feb

Pics from Mary H , Stanley pics

So Saturday morning saw Stu,Helen,Dale and Joe arrive early morning at my house, where i had prepared pre-trip bacon sarnies. Then off we went to meet up with the guys that had set off the day before and stayed in the camping barn. We convened at the Llugwy at the Plas-y-Brenin centre, but alas no water. The decision was made to paddle the Conwy from the main road bridge through to Penmancho Bridge, with an alternative get out at Rhydlanfair Bridge if preferred.

It was a sunny day with a good group of us on the river. We split into several groups, and in order to have aproductive day decided to take the opportunity to work on skills, including river leading. Everyone did well, and the trip passed without much incident until Bryn Bras Falls, which inevitably unseated a couple of the less experienced of the group, however they were quickly extricated from the cold water and reunited with boats and paddles none the worse for their dunking.

 A few people egress-ed at Rhydlanfair Bridge, whilst the rest of our depleted number continued down the shorter ‘middle’ section. Before long the first Grade 5 was upon us. Stu was the only one to fancy the run, and bashed down it unscathed, though not sure he would recommend it to anyone at such low levels, bony to say the least.

smilesGrade 5

 The portage saw us launch just upstream of a tree lodged in river left, exposed at this level. Safety was set, with everyone passing safely through, even though Erica took the opportunity to take another dip to cool off after the portage in the winter sun. Most of the group got off river right some fifty metres upstream of the second Grade 5 to enable easier access to the road, prudent as the ladder river left allowing access to the seal launch avoiding the Grade 5 is no more, making access back to the river awkward.

 Myself, Stu and Andy Raho continued to the next rapid. Having briefly inspected, i decided to go for it. Having made the first part of the move to the right i failed to get far enough left after and glanced off the rock wall before being held against it sideways by the flow. Briefly managing to hold my edge by bracing against the wall with my head, i was then flipped. I rolled up in the river left eddy-bonus, before breaking in for the drop into the pool below.

Andy followed next, only to end up vertical against the rock after not making it far enough right at the top, the proceeded to do the rest of the rapid upside-down before eventually rolling up in the pool below – kudos for staying in the boat and continuing to attempt rolling that many times.

Stu took the ‘paddle into the rock that’s in the way’ route and came off better than the rest of us, fair play.

Sunday brought no rain, and the group split into a Stanley and Tryweryn trip. The Tryweryn was on a relatively low release, but a good level for practice nonetheless. Well done Claire P for her first roll on moving water. Some of our party then headed off to the Dee, where they also met up with the Stanley guys.


 An excellent weekend rounded off with a trip to Kelly’s sunday night.



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  1. Love it!
    Stu rapid looks v scary

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