Ingleborough – 10 Feb

Welcome to 10 Feb, official twin-town of the Summer Solstice.

What an amazing day. Wall to wall sunshine, and picnic on the grass.


Ingleborough was very nice, great views over the valley, Pen-y-ghent, Wernside and towards Ingleton.

wernside view 1wernside view 2

Being pathalogically woossy about heights, it was a bit too spooky for me to stand anywhere near Gaping Gill, so I ran away while they all gazed into the goblin depths.

gaping gill

Aussie Dave had already climbed Ingleborough, oh… the day before, with the 3 peaks possee – Laura, Jack and co. But not  from this side, so that made it different. We went up from Ingleton, and down a nice shaded gorge to Clapham. Super.

gorge to clapham

Aside: A differnt Clapham. The one where the Wenning (II with wiers) starts, not the omnibus.

Finishing off a perfect day with some “tough guy” re-enactment.

gibbonsGibbon resting

Happy Birthday Will!

William - nice top

Photos: Cath, SarahChris R.


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