Talk Announcement – 20 Feb – Simon Tapley

“Greenland Whitewater” – Simon Tapley – Wed 20 Feb – 7.30pm – International Lounge – 2nd floor Liverpool Guild of Students – £3.50 (Adults / Students / Children)

Second in the Liverpool Kayak talks series – another whitewater treat, this time, student boaters in Greenland – check out the talks website. Really looking forward to this.

Well, some kind of  summer vacation! In the summer of 2007 Simon Tapley and Ali Marshall undertook the first ever expedition to explore the white water rivers and waterfalls of South West Greenland. This involved getting dropped off by fishing boat in some remote corners of the country, and exploring the granite-and-glacier-carved landscape. They came back with stunning video footage and photographs. Simon will be sharing these and their adventures in this spectacular and unspoilt wilderness.

Same as last time, folk will be meeting up beforehand in the bar on the ground floor of the Guild (The Gilmore bar seems very closed, so we’ll go to the other one).

There is a facebook page for this event – to spread the word, you can add yourself and invite your friends.

Be great to see you there!

new to you.... and to everyone in fact 

Glaciers plus granite equals extreme


scenery tooo

photos: fatcatsproductions


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