LUCC safety and danger day

What do you do on a Saturday, when you feel a tired and hungover after being up til 3ish the night before, snow is forecast and sometimes falling, and there is rugby on the tele.

Do you

A. Stay in bed

B. Get up late and have a fry up

C. Go to the lake district for a quick swim.

If you answered C, then LUCC safety day is for you…

After most the younger members of LUCC were seen in the early hours of Saturday at 51 bagot street drinking beers (and eating Stu’s Stew.. which was good), a good number were then spotted at 7.30ish at the Canoe Club sheds.

Will’s pre trip schedule

730am sheds

Leven 10am

Lunch 1300

Kent 1330

get off water 1630

in pub for 2nd 1/2 of rugby 1715

Was followed pretty much to the minute, a quick cruise down the Leven. An easier river with some teaching opportunities. Quite a bit of time was spent perfecting breaking in and out. Some ferry glide practice and the like. A river with a few drops and a few swims.

Then a quick drive off to the Kent, where despite the cold. LUCC’s finest lined up to swim the first drop… Then a quick bash down the kent. Which was fun.

Pics: Andy H

Defensive Swimming:




Helen J, L-shaped weir:

Team C1

Dave C1Dave C1

martin C1Martin C1

Capsize practice:

Will and Martin

Dingley Dell:

dingley dell


Thanks so much for organising such a productive and fun day of paddling, I had such an awesome time and I’m certain everyone else did too. The practical techniques you went through were very helpful and increased the beginner’s confidence massively. Also a big thanks to Squirrel and everyone else for doing safety for every hard section, some of us really needed that!! Cant wait for Scotland now. See you there! Very Happy Finn


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