Talk report – Dave Manby

Big thanks to Dave Manby for a super talk.

dave manby

Best quote:

“Nothing has evolved from Camels.”

Enil. CC2.0

Best images of Iran:

Iranian nomads moving their goods, tents, children, donkeys and chickens across the Bakhtiari River in Iran, on rafts floated by inflated pigskins. Amazing pictures, making you realise there’s probably no such thing as a “first descent” round those parts. After they’ve got everyone (literally hundreds of people and thousands of animals) across the river, next they forge a path through the snow – with bare feet, obviously.

must contain more than 80N fixed bouyancySnow journey - 1925Iran canyon

Was amazing to see this footage of historical journeys, as well as the modern videos of the usual gnarly rapids and multicoloured plastic.

“It was really good. Lots of different and strange images and film. Some of them even had people kayaking in. The International cardboard kayaking championships looked an absolute hoot. ”

Some folk bought his new DVD, which includes the Dudh Khosi footage, the origami race down serpents tail, and some eclectic random bonus footage – so if you fancy watching it, ask around, we’ll have a viewing one eve, and if you would like a copy of the DVD for yourself, visit Dave Manby’s Homepage.

The uni Gilmore bar seems to be rather closed at the moment, so we went to the Union bar in the guild before, and adjourned to the AJ afterwards.

There were folk there from all the different local kayak clubs and climbing groups etc – thanks for coming!

Check the talks website for the next upcoming talks, including:

Monday 10th March – Lowri Davies – “Canoeing with Cossacks”– Freestyle champion Lowri will be telling us about her adventures the 2007 British Universities “Four Borders” expedition, to the very corners of Russia and Mongolia.


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