Stone slalom report



Jenny was strutting her new boat – white and blue inazone, very shiny.

jenny shiny boat

Saz and I had fun with our runs, both of us managing to improve on our times over the day.


C.P. had a slight dunking, and a well-executed capsize drill. Altogether, he got down the course the right way up several times, nice one.

cpcpcp at the finish

There was quite a flow on the river (for a change), so it was easy to get swept past gates. Ash got shouted at by a stupid angry dad. Being a cheery and positive soul, he didn’t let it get him down, but it certainly didn’t give a great impression of slalom to a first-timer. Lucky that there are also a bunch of much friendlier people there too. We also met a very nice Labrodoodle.

As usual, the organisers at Stafford and Stone put a lot into the event, working hard and making it a success, more than 100 entries in all. very big thanks to them.

Good luck to next weeks BUSA team, upupupupupupup etc.

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