Niagra Rapids

This video from Expeditiones Chile shows the first legal descent of the Niagra gorge, below Niagra falls. Three of the kayakers in this film had previously had less legal fun on the gorge, if getting persued by helicopter and arrested can be that fun – an account of this is one of the stories in Dave Manby’s book Many Rivers to Run

Very 80s retro music in this vid, whoa. Great stuff, amazing to see the scale of the rapids, which break and reform in huge standing waves. Powerful stuff! 

And here are pics of Rachel and Laura JOM, inspecting for a future run, obviously.

made of mistLaura J.O.M.

Many river to run author, Dave Manby, will be giving a talk in Liverpool on Wed 23rd Jan, in the international lounge, guild of students.


4 Responses

  1. Possibly one of the naffest videos I have ever seen.

    very old skool, cheesy commentary. Good stuff.

  2. Dunno what you mean Dave:

    Didididididididididi (Dramatic conquering music) “Over the years, the American sportsman has explored the big rivers of the world…” Dididididididid (Tension, testosterone, cheese slices)

    Go America! lol 🙂

  3. Well their kit looked very familiar – I used to have stuff like that. Those were cutting edge boats you know – made of the latest techno material – “plastic”!

  4. 0:48

    He got pushed over that fall!

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