My Day (and my Shoulder)

by Aussie Dave 

I had an exciting day today… I skipped work and instead went to hospital to get an MRI scan.

It kicks off by getting a nice fluid injected into your shoulder…

The Doctor: “People say its just as you would imagine it to be if your shoulder was gently inflated”
Me: “I have never imagined my shoulder being gently inflated”

Followed by a whole lot of muffled (to appear more manly) grunts and swear words.

Review: It feels exactly like you would expect it to if someone jammed a needle deep inside you joints and started wiggling it around injecting stuff to inflate it… note a lack of the use of the word “gently.”

Immediately afterwards your shoulder feels like it could fall out, that’s because all the fluid they injected forces the joint out of the socket to show up the damage better… so pretty much it could fall out as you walk to the MRI scanner.

The MRI scanner is a tube they stick you in, that sits about 6inches away from your face and makes a really loud noise, but is otherwise painless.

Back to work for a bit, stuff starts to go wrong… sorry guys gotta another hospital appointment.

New Doctor: “Your Shoulder looks damaged I think we should operate, we can probably fit you in, in about 8 weeks”
Me: mental calculation… 8 weeks, early march, pre ski fest, pre Scotland oh shit… “and how long does it take to come back from this”
Doctor: “You can be at the gym in 6 weeks or so, but no contact sports or climbing for 6 months” (he didn’t mention paddling its all good)

Then, I go up to another floor to book the operation…

Me: “Can I get it after my Holidays in March”
Receptionist: “No Worries”

So in the end I am booked in for a shoulder operation on the 3rd of April. That will knock me out of paddling for 6 months, but probably mean I can paddle better at the end of it all.

Scotland is going to be my last boating for a while, so lets make it a big one.


(copied from lucc forum post)


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