New: Email notificationalizing

Ok, I’ve added a link (see sidebar) where anyone who wants to can sign up for email notifications. These are automatic emails which let you know whenever there are new posts on luckyblog. Either weekly or daily, you choose.


To sign up for it, click whichever link, type in your email list, hey presto.

There are instuctions at the bottom of every email for unsubscribing if you don’t want the emails any more.

Any feedback or problems, comment here or email me,




2 Responses

  1. Well… I’d sign up, but its not like I miss many of the updates anyway.

  2. Yes, not so useful for folk who check back regularly. More aimed at folk that only look here when someone/something tells them to. Exactly the people who won’t see this post….. ho hum 🙂

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