Troutbeck report and photos – Si

We managed a wee run down troutbeck in the lakes on Saturday. It was hammering down on the way up so we went to do the Greta, but when we got there it was fallign as snow on the hills, not rain, and was 4 inches below the marker!!

Unbeliveable. So we went and ran Troutbeck and what a cracking run it is. Still bloody cold tho 1° when we got on the water with snow on the hills.

snow, init. that would be... not rain

I either need a bigger boat as my current one is not working for me on hard stuff anymore or to lose some weight. Anyway almost at the end, I got a wrong footed on the entrance to the last grade 4 recovered with the worlds longest high brace into a scull for support into a brut force sit up. Unfortunately I was upright facing the wrong way at particually iffy section, off the drop backwards couldnt keep it together and got flipped quick attempt to roll but couldnt get from backdeck to front for the rocks and not in a position to backdeck roll. A brief thought of what was still to come popped in my head and there was no way I wanted to do that upside down so I punched out. In short a very rough swim followed. I am so glad I have a sweet rocker as I almost got knocked out. Will claims to have heard me scrapping along the river bed and hitting my head and since I still have a headache from the swim saturday I dont doubt him. The headache in the grand scheme of things isnt too bad tho as when ever I move the bruises hurt. All good tho and nothing like a day on the water to make you feel alive!! (or the pain of bruises in the days after!)

Lessons learnt for the day:

1)If you love your head get the best fitting helmet you can buy.
Simon recommends: Sweet rocker full cut!!!

sweet rocker

2) The guys I paddled with on saturday were tops!!! Nice and tight paddling all day. Then the shit hit the fan and all was good!
Simon recommends paddling with Will, Cath, Sara, Helen H and Bob any day.


3)Great tasting Hot Sticky toffee pudding and cream in a warm pub after a big swim is the way forward. Simon recommends the pub by the get out at troutbeck and their sticky toffee pudding
4) Fat men paddling little boats on tight technical high grade UK water need to lose weight or get bigger boats.
5) Paddling with snow on the ground, an air temp of 1° when its sleeting/raining is going to be cold, have some good thermals you’ll need them when you swim! Simon recommends reed thermals.

Report by: Si

Si’s Photos here 

See also: Helen’s report


One Response

  1. “Simon recommends reed thermals.”

    You and, er….. Keira Knightly (?!)

    According to latest Reed catalogue, Reed supplied “Pride and Prejudice” with copious amounts of gimp-wear for Ms Knightly and Mr McFadyen to wear under their frocks and flounces, so that they didn’t freeze to death fliming outdoors.

    Imagine that.

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