Roeburn Pictures

Saturday dawned dim and drizzly, so Will, Cath, Dinny, Rachel, Splinky and I made our way to the village of Wray to do the Roeburn.


The river was a very nice mid level – not in spate, but certainly not scrapey.

I managed to need to roll (twice) on the first little weir. Sadly, still in sight of the put-in.

The nature of the river was very nice indeed – good and continuous, but very rarely without an eddy ahead in sight.


 All went very well, some very nice rapids. There were also quite a few tree and man-made hazards to be wary of – three places with ropes or makeshift bridges accross, which were fine to see and portage round in these mid-levels, but at higher levels, it would be harder to stop in time. There was a tree right accross just after one right-hand-bend.

Now the very sad, snippety-snappity part of the story. On one little section, Will was signalling left, but Rachel and I just didn’t go left enough, so Rachel ended up at a tree (skillfully extracted by Cath and Dinny), while I chose a more under-tree route, snapping my paddles and swimming 😦 Cath saved the day with her trendy red splits.


The hardest drop of the river is a natural shelf, pic at ukriversguidebook. It was lower than in that picture, and river left didn’t look nice at all. Dinny probed a line just right of the centre boulder, which we followed, Helen and Splinky competing for least-style (does backwards win?).  Rachel did a very nice swim, but mine was still better, cos she failed to break her paddles.

Village of Wray has some very fine tea establishments: Bridge House farm, a posh garden center with gifty things, a lovely roaring stove fire and chocolate brownies from heaven. A very good day. 

Report by: Helen. Pics by: Dinny


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  1. You forgot to mention that Will forgot his paddles and had to drive back for them, making us LATE!! Dinny was very cross because he got up early but we did get a free cup of tea from it! It was a lovely day on Saturday, very relaxed and happy paddling. Thanks for taking care of me guys, I was a bit nervous after so long off the water…..but I felt all safe and sound with you lot keeping an eye out for me. Helen also got bonus points for trying to roll with her broken paddles. It’s not surprising it didn’t work with only one blade and 6 inches of paddle!
    Rachel x

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