Kit review – Howie’s thermal knickers

Successfully tested: On the Crake, Kent and Roeburn.*

These posh woolley pants give you a double-toasty glow – first because they keep you warm, second because they are made by tree-huggers, singing gentle rainforest songs as they comb and pat the the happy merino sheep.


Rather pricey, gulp, are they worth it?

There are cheaper ones around. Some of the pants from other brands are very small / skimpy styles (what’s the point?) and some are very boy (boxer style.) The Howie’s ones for girls are proper large, but slightly more of a feminine hipsters design. And there’s also the nice feeling of wearing something made of pure luxury, even if the rest of one’s ensemble is aging cheapo skankware.

The soft merino wool means they are warm, warm, warm, warm, warm.

Love it. Hooray for shiny kit!

Howies website.

(*River Roeburn trip: Nice river, Lake district, 2 swims, one snappity paddle, river report soon hopefully) 


2 Responses

  1. “singing gentle rainforest songs as they comb and pat the the happy merino wool sheep.”

    Haha! I love it. They look comfortable, has anyone tried them? I’m usually a fan of wool outdoor clothing.

  2. I’ve tested these on about 8 kayak trips now – definitely notice the difference, in terms of staying properly warm. They are v comfortable.
    Actually, I bought a second pair in the sale, so that I can wear merino all weekend (blush).
    They are v good – there are cheaper brands though.

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