The Coruh River

This video shows the Coruh Extreme event, organised by Dave Manby and friends. Its a mad mix of boatercross and WWR.


Video by Dave Manby and Rob Hind. 

The Coruh River is in Turkey and Georgia, and has a lot of IV water. Sadly some of the rapids will soon be lost to reservoir schemes.

Dave Manby will be giving a talk in Liverpool on Wed 23rd Jan, in the international lounge, guild of students.


Featured blog of the week – Sea aggragater

Work avoidance, sea-kayak themed: Its an aggragater with articles from, and pointers to, many sea-themed kayak blogs. Addictive, oh dear.

Talk Announcement – 23rd Jan – Dave Manby

Wed 23rd jan – 7.30pm – International Lounge – 2nd floor Liverpool Guild of Students – tickets on the door £3.50 – open to the public

Liverpool Kayak Talks

Dave Manby, famous kayaker, is going to give a talk at lucc, hooray!

What to expect: Stories about different countries and a lot of mad whitewater-themed things. Pictures of gorges through red Turkish granite and Himalayan boulder-strewn torrents. Kayaks folded to fit them into biplanes, land-rovers mended with string, days trecking to high-altitude put-ins etc. Expedition stories from Iran, Nepal, South America, everywhere really. Excerpts of the recently remastered “Relentless river of Everest” footage – the 1976 first descent of the Dudh Kosi by Mike Jones team. Videos of some sort of weirdo “boater cross” extreme experiment on the Coruh river. 

Dave Manby

Dave Manby began paddling in the seventies, during the time when canoeing was really changing as a sport. Boundaries were being pushed with what could be run – the Mike Jones team, a bunch of students and recent graduates, went for it, and didn’t let little details like “noone’s ever done that before, we don’t know if its even technically feasible” get in the way. Dave Manby was part of the team which ran the Dudh Kosi, Everest, then later, the 1978 K2 Braldu trip where Mike Jones tragically lost his life while going to the aid of a friend. Dave Manby and others went on to organise the original Mike Jones memorial Dee Tours. He’s carried on doing trips to new unpaddled areas of Asia, the middle east and South America, and developed a rafting and kayaking business in Turkey. Some amazing expeditions then and now. 

Dave gave a talk in Manchester last year, and his stories were gripping, honest and often very, very funny. The talk was scheduled for an hour or so, but people carried on encouraging him to tell more stories, and time just went away, and the stories carried on into the pub.

The talk will be in the international lounge at the guild, on the 2nd floor. Please tell your friends and colleagues about it, especially anyone who is into outdoor or adventure sports, kayaking, caving, climbing etc who might like to hear a talk on extreme expeditions. And please pass on the word to other local kayak clubs. Admission is £3.50 on the door. The talk is open to the public.

If you can offer any help e.g. putting up posters or setting out chairs etc on the day, then that would be great, please get in touch with Rachel. 

It may be possible to purchase copies of Dave’s book Many rivers to run and DVD Dudh kosi: Relentless river of Everest on the evening.

After the talk, we’ll be going to the Gilmore bar, which is on the ground floor of the guild. Actually, we’ll go there before as well. Laterz.

This is the first of a series of whitewater talks throughout the spring, more details from Rachel and Martin soon.

Liverpool Kayak Talks

Transport: Nearest train: Lime St / Central 10 minute walk / 2 minute bus. Streets near the guild (Oxford Rd, Mt Pleasant, top of Brownlow Hill) have unrestricted parking after 7pm.


google map link

Mountain biking- Llanwrtyd Wells

 Last weekend 12 of us headed to deepest and darkest mid Wales for a weekend of mountain biking, walking and attempted paddling. Some arrived early on Friday night and had a civilized meal in the next door pub, others went to xmas meals in Liverpool first before heading down and some just spent a long time driving and fighting with bike racks to get there. By 2am sat morning we had all made it there with our funmobiles loaded with bikes and boats waiting for action when daylight arrived.


On Saturday some guys went off for a walk followed by tea and cake. Others including myself went mountain-biking. The 18 mile route started with a lot of uphill climbing on forest tracks round Llyn Brennin followed by a stinky lung bursting and leg breaking hill which had us all off pushing our bikes up at least some of it. Finally at the top with a wonderful view we enjoyed a fast downhill ride before dropping onto single track that traversed its way down a valley. It was a great ride with lots of bog and icy puddles that made us all fall off at least once. The final climb back up to the cars was a killer. My legs were cold and tired and refused to cycle in any thing other than granny ring. Tired and happy we were all ready for the feast that Sue had organised for us back at the lodge. We ate as much beef stew as we could manage followed by cheese and port. An open coal fire kept us all warm. This is what every weekend should be like! After some more wine and port I found myself asleep on the bed. Whoops.


 Sunday saw some of the guys aiming to go and paddle the Usk but they ended up having a nice walk cos the river was a bit low.  Myself and others went biking on the man made trails near where we were staying. We ticked off the red and blue runs and headed to Hay on Wye for some bargain book shopping followed by tea and cake. Yum yum.  Thanks Sue for organising the weekend. It was fab. Great place to stay. Next stop new year!

More Xmas dinner photos

Rachel’s pics

See previous xmas dinner report for more albums

Featured blog of the Week – 12 drops of Christmas

Featured Blog: Tom Laws, Bangor student/whitewater wastrel. Lots of whitewater photography and gnarl. Some happy browsing of local and not-at-all-local river action.

A nice idea: He’s posted up his 12 drops of Christmas, favourite waterfalls from this year.

 What would your 12 drops of christmas be? I can’t say this is my favourite drop exactly, but I’ll start:

 “On the first drop of christmas, my true love gave to me, a swim in ‘wee stink-y'”


Please continue, names or photage of your favourite drops pleeeez, preferably pics of you actually looking cool, in contrast to that sad picture.

[edit: 😦 comments do not support images, but links to images do work]

“Drowned” “Amnesiac” “Canoeist”

Three words which do not describe Mr J. Darwin, of Hartlepool-under-the-stairs-en-Panama.

This story is a good example of how important it is to choose the right materials and equipment for the job – the fibre-glass canoe was actually a perfet choice, as it would have been much harder to drive a car over a plasic boat before throwing it onto the rocks.

And as for the required mindset, this Sydney Morning Herald article, found by aussie dave, explains everything.