More BUSA photos and results

Full report from Helen J on the lucc website. Results from Andy – Congratulations, 15th yay! And would be higher still if it wasn’t for that pesky “no submarines” policy. There are photos and videos from Anna on the lucc group page of facebook, including these:

Brave wavehopper pilotwell this seems easy enough, what could possible go wrongamphibians

See also Origami instructions.


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  1. […] 22/23 Nov BUSA (BUCS) WWR – Organiser: Flic – this is your first chance of this year to compete on behalf of your uni. Its WWR (Wild Water Racing) at the river Washburn, Yorkshire. All the other unis will be there, and there will be a big party with fancy dress. The river is grade II+ (III-), so is suitable for anyone who has been on some of the previous river trips. You can paddle a normal plastic river boat or, for the more experienced folk, a mad C1 or C2 boat. Cost: free for students (AU pay for your entry fee, accom and transport). But you must tell Flic you want to go ASAP, as she needs to put names down several weeks before. Non students can attend as safety boaters, to acompany competitors, but cannot compete themselves. Last year’s BUSA WWR reports here, here and here. […]

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