Talks – Greenland and High Arctic – Fri 23rd Nov PYB

8pm – Plas-y-Brenin – Capel Curig – Fri 23rd Nov – Jim Hargreaves –  details.

Jim Hargreaves (he did the first of the series of talks at the uni back in January), is giving a lecture at Plas y Brenin National Mountaineering Centre on Friday 23rd November at 8pm called “Qajak”-Adventures in the high Artic Regions of Canada and western Greenland. It might be a bit of a long way, but well worth it if you can make the journey. find info at pyb website.

Cost is £5 on the door. More info from the pyb site:

Jim Hargreaves is back! Once again Jim’s uniquely infectious sense of humour and dynamic style of presentation is coming to Plas y Brenin’s glittering stage. Join The National Mountain Centre’s favourite speaker as he recounts tales of sea kayaking in the Canadian High Artic and Greenland’s west coast whilst taking a look at the history, construction and use of traditional Inuit paddles and craft (Qajaq and Umiaq), still used for hunting today. Listen to Jim’s account of Qaanaaq, the only town in the world where Inuit still hunt for narwhal in kayaks and sit back and enjoy slides of dramatic scenery and amazing wildlife including muskox, narwhal, humpback whales, polar bears, walrus, and beluga. Find out what is actually happening up there in the Arctic. Take a look at the actual effect of current climate change on the Canadian High Arctic – both on the land itself and on the Inuit people. Find out how unprecedented changes are affecting fauna and Inuit hunters alike and how they are adapting to the changes.
Tickets for this inspiring and enlightening night’s entertainment are available directly from reception (01690 720214) for £4 and will also be available on the door priced at £5

jim sea kayak arctic


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