Sat Nov 24 Magical Mystery Tour LUCC Trip

Wheres it going noone knows. Actually, its Wolverhampton.

On Saturday 24th November there will be a magical mystery club trip to wherever there is water to paddle. This could be river paddling in the Lakes, Wales, Yorkshire, Peak District, or even surfing in Anglesey.

There will be something for everyone. Easy bits if you’re a beginner, some
slightly bigger rapids if you’re feeling brave and I’ll try and find some even
bigger rapids for those that want to show off! We may find a bit of time to
squeeze in some gorge scrambling and waterfall jumping. We will definitely find some time to warm up in a pub after paddling, before heading back to Liverpool.

We will be leaving Liverpool around 8am and returning around 8pm. Cost £10.

So you want to come?

Put the date in your diary, keep it free and let me know so I can give you a
seat on the minibus.

I’ll be at the pool session on Thursday pestering everyone or you can e-mail, phone or text (07800586115)

(rain dancing and praying for rain so she can go paddling)


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