The Dart Loop

I have been hanging out my backside all morning after a midweek session last night so I apologise if this is bad! I have at last managed to get some river paddling in. I have however been doing quite a bit of surf kayaking since being down here and even bought a full carbon surf kayak at the Tri-Service Surf Champs. But have not paddled in it since the weekend I bought it back in the summer.

dart loop bridge

This post is about the Dart Loop section of the River Dart down in the South West for the geographically challenged! I have found a fellow paddler at the College (Jim) and we paddled it on Sat 3 Nov. I am not going to discuss the river rapid to rapid because you can check that out @

Jamie on the dart

Unfortunalty the levels were a little low because it does not to want to rain at the moment. Probably waiting until I am stuck on a little boat for 4 days freezing my tits off, doing my final leadership excercise! We had driven for 40 mins so we did it anyway and it was a bump and scrap most of the way down. There were quite a few drops which were not to bad. They will be great when there is more water as will many other sections along the loop. Another important point is 15 mins into the paddle there is a rock edge 5-7m up on the RHS which is perfect for launching yourself off with plenty of water depth below! 


 Overall it was a beautiful autum day and it only takes 4 mins to drive from Holne Bridge (the get out) back to New Bridge providing an hour and a half paddle. So you could do it as many times as you fancy; we went to the pub instead! 



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