White Water Safety and Rescue – 2nd Edition

wwsr cover - 2nd edition

link to pedapress

Talking of Santa, have you asked him for this yet?

Updated from the 1st edition: A bit more on organising your river descent, avoiding problems before they happen, latest thinking etc. A lot more pictures – this time, colour photos.

Fantastic book.

If you don’t have it already, you need it for brushing up on:

  • Principal of the clean line
  • Principal of maximum usefulness
  • Principal of presumed insanity

This book will help you to enjoy white water – the emphasis is on becoming a better paddler, as improving your personal skill set is key as a way of staying out of trouble in the first place, as well as to having a more enjoyable time on the water.

Great book for everyone in the club to read:

For the beginner: Explanations about the fundamentals of river trips – what all the kit is for, explanation of how a groups of paddlers will typically arrange themselves on the river, important basics like not heading off on your own, not hanging back on your own, and making sure to keep others in sight.

For people wanting to improve personal paddling skills: Good clear explanations of the various types of river feature, and how to make use of them effectively when positioning your boat. Also sections on how people “paddling as friends” can organise themselves effectively, use a variety of strategies for the descent, and keep everyone interested and pushing toward personal improvement by e.g. taking turns at roles such as river probe or taking responsibility for guiding a novice.

For those who are starting to get involved in rescuing others or kit: Sections on what you can be doing to improve those skills most safely and key considerations when dealing with swimmers, in terms of looking after their mental state as well as their physical well being.

For those used to carrying out rescues already: Current techniques, example scenarios, all the different cat’s-cradles of rope-to-retrieve-a-kayak you can possible imagine – keep your skills current!

For people who find themselves organising river trips: there is a lot on different leadership styles, appropriate sharing of roles, working as a team etc.

Basically, you need this book!
Its very good and very easy to read.

Buy or borrow a copy – I have one I’m happy to lend you, and I’d like you to read it so that you will rescue me properly!

Read what others think of it on ukriversguidebook forum.


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