Ynys Dulas

Ynys Dulas is a  scrap of rock off NE Anglesey, mainly covered in seals.

Don’t get stranded, or you will have to sleep here:

tower at yxys


Beacon / Refuge for the shipwrecked. 

As we went back from there towards llugwy beach, a group of 3 seals followed us very closely, and two more off to the side, keeping their distance, but swimming when we paddled, and stopping to look at us whenever we stopped.

spot the seal

They stayed with us for over a mile, and seemed to like following the stern of our boats as long as we kept a steady, not-too-fast pace, in a straight line. Right-way-up or upside-down just next to the back of the boat. Every time we stopped and thought they had gone, they popped up again and looked at us.

The friendliest, a female with an orange plastic tag, played with us all the way to the beach and then stayed 50yds offshore and watched us get out. I think I heard her say “Where are you going! Come back here and play!” Because of the orange tag we wondered if she was a released rescue seal? We were very sad to say goodbye. Magic.

More photos.


3 Responses

  1. It’s a great spot and a favourite lunch spot on a hot summers day.
    Whilst paddling there last year and coming in to land we were surrounded by them.
    A magical moment as they swam in and around us and seeing them dart under the boat.
    Makes a days paddling special.
    Last week further up near to Point Lynas we came across a pod of Porpoise.
    Great photos happy paddling

  2. wow Helen and Leo, that sounds incredible. it’s amazing that wild seals would be so friendly. the island looks really quiet and serene, how lovely!

    Rachel x

  3. Yes, a magic place, certainly planning on going there again. As always, v jealous of folk seeing porpoises, amazing!

    Thread at UKriversguidebook with other peoples much more spectacular pictures of friendly seals is here:

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