Fran’s back from TA duty, where she’s been physio-terrorising lots of nice soldiers, as if it wasn’t frightening enough already out there. Typically its 40 in the shade, working on mending sprained soldiers 7 til 7, usually no possibility of going off site because of security situation, and sometimes the sky is full of, er, “fireworks.”

So surely she’s glad to be back in Blighty and well out of it? It would seem absolutely not. Loved every minute of it, got chance to try out lots of cool things and made great friends. She’s back in England for a week or so, handed in her notice at the hospital, and applied to go back to the army in the regular bit!

More pics of Fran-in -‘stan are on facebook.

Next stop: 5 weeks in Oz, for a bit of relaxing.


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