Dave’s Almost Perfect Weekend.

If you discount about 2-3 hours on Sunday Morning last weekend was close to perfect. Kicked off Friday with many bevvys down Smithdown, Brookhouse then Kellys and the boundary. Followed by a Krazy night in town, the numbers from this point were cut down from the 15ish on Smithdown to the hardcore few. I think it was splinky, Andy Rahoo, Mary, Claire, Sambo & myself Pete might have joined us after fixing a boiler.

Saturday started well, big fry up, which goes to prove everyone should let me stay at their house. Sambo & I then headed to the glamour football fixture of the weekend (Southport vs Northwich Victoria) in a continuation of my quest to see every round of the FA cup.


The off for a night paddle at Stanley… which was huge… 10.26 and apparently in the top 20 tides for the next 20 years. Very choppy/messy conditions but the wave got really good for an hour or two… Night paddling at Stanley is a very surreal experience vision is overrated and you just have to go on the vibe, that and overcome the fear generated by an enormous wave you can’t really see very well and boils that are hard to roll in.

stanley2.jpg Its not the correct night but its good stanley1.jpg

The drive back was eventful, for those that don’t know the story it started with losing a roofrack and ended with a police visit, Andy can elaborate.

Sunday, catch up on sleep, finish C1 conversion… oh yeah I now have a C1, which will be my next write up on here. Then take it down to the docks (where there was polo) to have a paddle… it rocks, I rolled, dead chuffed. Then Curry & Kelly’s in the evening… I can live with weekends like this…


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  1. OK so the drive back from Stanley……. best go get a bru for this. Here we go…

    Well I’ve always been dubious of roofracks for 3-door hatchbacks, as was proved when the rear one came off along with four boats. I pulled over by a slip road, just before a tunnel. Boats not in too bad condition (mine was worse hit, but just needs some sandpaper), so we got everything back on the car. Only to find Andy’s dry-bag had jetisoned out of a boat and was lying on the roadside somewhere….. So for about and hour(?) we walked back and forth combing the road but no joy. Andy decides to head further back and I agree to drive back up and pick him up….. we did this twice. I parkup again in the same space as before and we all decide to have one FINAL look on foot.

    We walk back to find the police taking an interest in my car. Never a good thing, me thinks. Maybe I’ll get done for speeding(?), maybe they simply thought we’s abandoned the car? But no. Upon answering “are you the driver of this vehicle?”, I was promptly told to get in the police car. After asking and having explained to me a few times what I had done, I was somewhat stunned to find out I’d driven the wrong way up a dual carraige-way!!!

    Kind of an oh, yeah I did didn’t I, moment….. followed by a brown-trousers moment. Well I say moment, it was actually 2 hours or so I was interviewed for. Luckily they didn’t tow my car or put me in jail overnight- they wanted to at first. Thing is, as dumb as it sounds, is that all 4 of us had no idea whatsoever that we’d (I’d) done it. Thing is that the other 2 lanes are out of view and go into a seprate tunnel on that stretch. Think the shock of losing the boats just made us forget. Plus we were so focused on finding that bag. Traffic was minimal (thats not an excuse) and we simply didn’t notice we were going the wrong way. It was an honest (but o so stupid) mistake. So now I sit and wait for my court appearence and a possible driving ban- Smeg!!

    PS, the boating was awsome!!

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