Manchester Talks were tops

Some of us from LUCC came over for the Manchester kayak talks last Thurs and enjoyed them v much, thanks Manchester! Eight short talks in two hours, very fast paced and fascinating. Definitely makes you realise that there is a lot of boating out there to be had, at all levels and budgets and loads of great destinations which are possible for uni-aged folk. All these trips took place 2006/2007. Inspiring – get out there and get yourself an adventure.

Manchester Talks

Jo and Beth – Canada, 4 paddlers and a hire car. (The 4 paddlers survived fine…) Lots of boater-fests, great rivers, III/IV/V, guide book was basically “look at the road atlas and go,” met loads of nice people and paddled a lot.

ChrisMadagascar videos – serious expedition end of the spectrum – weeks of pre-scouting, lemurs, chameleons, no roads, no bridges, deep rain-forest, monster walk-outs in the dark, new rivers, two fantastic videos :one from Chris, one from the Poly boys.

Beth – went to New Zealand, just turned up, went to Bliss Stick, slept next to the Kayak-oven while they baked her new boats, went boating with new people on loads of Lord-of-the-rings mainly IV+ (some harder, gulp) rivers, sea kayaking on Milford sound, had a great time.

Maddy – Joined about 8 canoe clubs simultaneously during her year in Arizona, and did lots of I/II/III paddling there and in BC – exotic paddling doesn’t have to be gnarly.

Nic – Fresher insight into what the Alps is like 1st time round – extremely good talk reminding us what its all about, the pre-trip worries about whether its suitable, how its actually brilliant once you get there – a freshers-eye-view. Summary: Hey freshers, you should go to the Alps!

Skip Fairweather Nepal– epic expedition, scary fly-in, great video of very continuous and serious stuff with strange German music, gnarl and a lot of goats.

Scuba Dave and Chris L – gollums living on a diet consisting solely of free coffee and campfire-grilled fish, running a bazillion Norwegian Waterfalls again and again until they get perfect pictures to show us.

Little Pete and Jo – “Dynamo man” – an experiment to see if rubber-dummy-man takes a better line than Jo and Pete over a selection of different waterfalls in NY state. Music hall antics.

The vids are not on line at the moment, although there are a bunch of other good ones from the same folk (Lazy and Inept productions) to browse, while Skip’s Nepal video will feature at Student Symposium and other events, and will be incorporated in a commercial DVD currently being produced in deepest Wales. If you get chance to see any of them, do, as they are very, very funny and inspiring.

A lovely evening.


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  1. Was a fab and entertaining evening. Feeling very inspired and planning my summer paddling as I type. Do I fly and hire or ferry and drive? Slovenia here we come for the quest for Chateau Q Mark 2. Thats one week sorted what about the other? Alps, Norway, Canada?

  2. These talks were really brilliant. It was great to hear about regular people (ie those who have normal jobs/courses to do) doing amazing things. It made me realise that you can have an adventure with just a little (sometimes almost none) planning, an open mind and a lot of enthusiasm. Oh, and patience…..Maddy went paddling in Colorado on her own and just waited at get-ins for someone to turn up!
    I’d like to book a place in the car to Slovenia please, lots more places to see!

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