Alps DVD Review

Favourite Bond-meets-kayaking bit: Sean Connary dialogue, something like: “Come on in, the water’s lovely,” (in a good, husky voice). Water! See? Come on into the water. Like for kayaks! Do you see what he did there?

Other favourite Bond-meets-kayaking bit: The opening sequence, with 007’s blood running down the screen. Inspired! Sacrificing Timothy Dalton to get the red stuff out was a bit messy, but definitely worth it.

Over-and-over-again-bit: Lloyd doing a cartwheel, and then inadvertantly doing 8 more. I want this as my screensaver.

Best Raftguidlish-to-French translation: Can’t be done. Good to see Vincent in the video, brilliant bloke.

Chateau Q: This DVD is the “Bond” edition, but it could just as well be the “Q” edition, given the amount of Q footage in there. Also, we defy Mr Bond to actually do Chateau Queyras all the ways shown in this video: The right way up, the wrong way up, in a boat, in a raft, not in a boat or a raft (sadly we have to imagine this last variation, nice storytelling Dom, apologies to M. Potts and M. Crawley).

Dave has had a fair few goes at making these things, and they are better and better each year. And thats not just because he has to buy better and better equipment every time it gets nicked 😦 He’s building up layers of experience of what makes a good shot. Yes, OK, its SWIMMAGE which makes a good shot, but also there are lots of other factors, the light, the angle, the composition, the mood … 

The whole video is all very marvellous!! A happy chill-out film, with good tune-age on the vids and the stills, and perfect for watching while nursing a hangover. Hangover? Moi?

If you’ve not got yours yet, then hurry up and send your beer, cos he’s nearly finished the next one (Norway.)


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