Liverpool 10 km Run.

While the youngsters were off doing Slalom. A number of the LUCC old gits community were off doing the Liverpool 10 km run. It was a good course through some of the more scenic areas of Liverpool.

The runners were, myself, Will Cath, Kev & Tim. Everyone managed to complete the course with a minimum of fuss. Will gaining revenge over Kev for his tough guy beating, finishing together with Cath in 1 hour 3 minutes, Kev only 50 seconds behind at the finish. Team “quicker than Will” consisted of myself and Tim, Tim got a time of 48 min 47 sec. I am feeling dead chuffed with my time (which is the real reason I am writing this) which was 45 min 0 secs.

All results can be found here.

Post race we then retired to Sue Pees on Smithdown, to undo all the good work with a big greasy breakfast.


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  1. Quick edit done. Someone is trying to sell photos, and they can be found at;match=853

    I have gone through and pulled out the thumbnails for all the important people.

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