Stanley Report and Noseclip kit review

I’ve always known that noseclips are just a visual marker to help identify who is “soft.” But have come round to the more modern view that I need a fashion accessory to match my nails. I have invested in a “Shaman Smiley” noseclip, developed by world champ Eric Southwick.

Its brilliant! Beyond belief and physics, doesn’t ever come off your nose. You can go through the car-wash on the outside of the vehicle, result! Avoids excrutiating brain-hosing. Avoids embarrassing 15-hour-post-salt-water nose waterfall. Hooray!

Now I am fearless Stanley girl. Oh yes. This is partly due to my shaman smiley clip, but mainly due to my very, very, very patient fairly-godmother, Phil B. Both advocate SMILING as the main factor in getting onto a wave, but only one of them shouts “OK, this time, try OPENING your fcuking EYES!”

Stanley team were: Will, Cath, Penny, Helen, Aussie Dave, Wigan Bob, Phil B, Rahooo and Martin, lovely day! More photos in Phil’s facebook album and Penny’s facebook album (facebook requires login).


2 Responses

  1. I do love stanley, its very photogenic.

    And, while I don’t have a nose peg, I did chuckle at Matins nose still leaking as we drove back to London that night.

  2. Hmm, for comparison I now review the Palm nosepeg:
    I did buy that as well, just so that I’d see which I get on better with.
    Well, the palm one has a different design. On first opening the little packet, it seems a pleasing product – a robust feeling metal springything, and two ergonomic comfy looking pads, and a bit of string.
    Step 1: Try to attach the pads to the wire
    Step 2: Try again, bending the things a bit harder
    Step 3: Try again, forcing one then the other
    Step 4: Try again, putting both on at once and then pressing
    Step 4a: wonder if it really can be this hard. Check the packet for instructions (there are none).
    Step 5: Try again, with forceful twisty movements

    Step 17: Try again, unfortunately flipping one of the pads up into the air and falls to the ground.
    Ooops. As this operation was carried out in the front seat of my car, anyone who has seen the inside of my car will understand that that pad is never going to be found again. Ever. This is therefore a resounding thumbs down for the palm nose peg. £6. Available everywhere. Or free to someone who is brave enough to clean my car.

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